my simple sunday

Today sure is a boring Sunday..

although it is 清明节

but i din go 扫墓..


i dunnoe wat it called in english..

so sorry if u cant read chinese

i wanted to go..

but din managed to wakeup

my mum called lots of time

but still cant wake me up

so she gave up..

after that

some relatives came to my house to hav lunch

they dun used to come my house

but this year becos of some special reason

they eat at my house instead of another relative's house

i dun really hav good relationship wit all my relatives at father side..

call say our relationship jus closer than a hi-bye fren..

after that

accompanied my mum to fetch my aunty back to Segamut

c the blue car?
it called Subaru Impreza WRX
i'm so lucky to c my dream car on the way home ^^
maybe u guys dun really noe bout this car..
but this car is really great n i jus love it
bout 4pm

my fren asked my to go eat

after that we went for a ride around KL

n i snapshot some pictures of my town

this mamak stall we call it KD

can u c the traffic light? we din stop.. wahaha!!

abondoned ambulance? or watever it is..

the bus broke down at Jalan Kuching

utilized the chance to take myself a picture too ^^

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