Tun Mahathir actually read my comment!

I read and commented on Tun Mahathir's latest post in chedet titled Has Terrorism Succeeded. Today, the blog is updated again, but this time it's more like replying a particular visitor's comment rather than address an issue.

The new post is titled Dear Kamaliuk 1973... and surprisingly he actually noticed my comment and showed his agreement toward it.

I don't know what you think, but I think it's freaking awesome having a ex-prime minister to notice my one-line-comment and agree with my point of view! LOL

NO when you're wearing a Blazer.

When you are wearing blazer, you might want to avoid pulling your shirt's collars out of you blazer.

few junkies tried to keep up with trend but failed miserably

No to forget, your big belly too is apparent to be not so stylish 

collar-outside-jacket is something more like a 80's will do

If you want to have style, update yourself frequently - business magazines, men magazines, even internet will do.

This is much more better

Only junkies with no sense of style wear blazer with collar out of it

Refer to any of this to update yourself with newest trend

UTAR is using pirated Window 7

I captured these photos when I was using the computer lab in UTAR. So I wonder if UTAR also installed pirated software in all its computer? Or this is just a coincident that UTAR so "sui" to be a victim of counterfeiting?


A commenter known as dingsk87 enlightened me. He claimed that UTAR didn't using pirated Microsoft Window 7(Win7). It was actually trial version (Free download) from Microsoft before full version Window 7 were available. According to him, the trial version was expired and UTAR had not register for a new OEM code (sounds high-tech but I have no idea what that is).

Why UTAR Students are so Busy?

Once again, the week of assignment submission is arriving. Most of the students in UTAR are now going through their busiest period of time throughout the whole semester.

No surprise if you see students start to scarify their sleeping time to prepare their reports. No surprise to see students start to swear and blame UTAR for killing them by putting all the assignment submission date and midterm exams together.

I'm also one of the unmotivated and unplanned students who do works last minute, but I would never blame others for my own fault.

UTAR and our lecturers have given us enough times to conduct any study and research, not lesser than 8 weeks which is 2 months.

It's our own problems for not doing any planning and not supervise and motivate our team to do works.

The Reason Why You Don't Feel Happy

Some people are just to greedy and they don't know how to appreciate things in life. I guess things are just too easy to be attained and just too convenient for them to grab it and be ungrateful about it.

These people are also liars, great one indeed. They lie to others they lie to themselves. They always have a lot of excuses to justify their moronic actions and behaviours. They will even tell you they are grateful about everything they have, but the fact is they are not, not even the slightest.

Because in the deepest of their conscience, they have covered up their true selves. The nature of greediness, ungratefulness and ugliness as well as the stupidity have to be hidden, hidden behind the mask of hypocrisy.

Why Yakult is Better than Vitagen?

For accomplishment of Operation Management assignment, my group-mates and I had applied a field visit with Yakult and had our factory tour last Monday on 22 February 2010. PR was so friendly and efficient that they responded to our request on the very own day we sent the application. Yakult's factory is located in Seremban and it is equipped with high technology machinery which conform to the standard of Yakult Japanese main factory. It's totally different from what I was expecting just to be frank, it's much more advanced than what I thought.

The main entrance and guard house

The factory compound is so clean and quiet

 The main building, simple and nice

 Yakult signboard, simple but yet outstanding

The factory compound is so clean and quiet that we would not know it's producing Yakult if signboard is not displayed. Parking lot is large and so many parking slots are available that we thought it was an off-day or non-production-day. A good-looking young woman who was our guide of the tour welcomed us at reception counter with her sweet smiley face. However, we were not able to begin the factory tour yet, because another group of visitors from UKM was late. I guess we had demonstrated high punctuality and professionalism by reaching there 10 minutes earlier and dressing up formally. Did not lose UTAR face LOL.

Our guide has explained and showed us Yakult products in different geographical regions

I guess many of you have eaten this before, but never knew it's from Yakult

unexpected product - instant-cooked noodle

Yakult has its own cosmetic and skin care product line as well, which really surprised me

Yakult has different kinds of product including cultured milk drinks, yogurt, fruit juice, green tea, and many more drinks. It also produces instant-cooked noodle as well as cosmetic and skin care products and of cos, pharmaceutical products. 

However, only 2 products are currently selling in Malaysian market which are Yakult Ace and Yakult Ace Light. These 2 cultured milk drinks are currently the best because it contain at least 30 billions Lactobacillus casei Shirota which commonly known as Shirota strain in a single bottle. 

Lactobacillus casei Shirota is scientifically proven to be the strongest strain among all types of probiotic normally contained in other brands of cultured milk drink. Yakult has the most and the strongest probiotic in a bottle, so why choose Vitagen? Besides, Yakult is totally free of preservative and stabilizer as well as artificial coloring, which explain the reason why Yakult has only one flavor.

My group was sitting in the meeting room

We were not allowed to enter production plant directly for hygiene purpose. However, we were led to a corridor which allows us to view the whole process of producing Yakult.
Let me give you examples of how particular is Yakult in maintaining its quality and hygiene:

Employees' hygiene 
  1. Production workers are provided with white uniforms, latex gloves and beret hygiene caps.
  2. Production workers must take shower before entering production floor, each time.
  3. Uniform is not allowed to wear from home to workplace, must be after shower in factory.
  4. Laundry service is provided, to avoid any possible dust and bacteria from outside.
  5. Medical checkup and vaccine injection every year.
Building cleanliness
  1. Four air filters are installed in every equally large section.
  2. Walls are specially designed to not to accumulate dust.
  3. Compartment with air blower between doors to enter production floor, to blow away dust.
  4. Air pressure in production floor is higher than outside, to eliminate the possibility of dust flies in when door is opened.
  1. Containers are washed daily after production.
  2. Cleaning process is done twice, once manually by men and once automatically with water.
  3. Automated cleaning process involves inflow of cold and 80°C hot water to sterilize the containers.
  4. Conveyor bell is covered to avoid dust falls into bottles
  5. Bottles are made in factory and sent to filling room with air conveyor.

There are still so much to tell about Yakult but I guess you will choose Yakult already if you read until here.



At the end of the tour, we have another Q&A session with the guide and a photo shooting session. Then we were off to Seremban Siew Bao and headed back to Kampar.

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