Malaysia got grade-A for transparency!

Transparency International, so-called a global coalition against corruption, has graded the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) as a "Grade-A" for its achievements in the past year.

TI co-founder, Michael Hershman said:"If I give report cards, I'll give an A and I don't term report cards lightly."  He also commended the government's effort to "think out of the box" and for being accountable and transparent by asking the public to judge it through its actions. For detailed bullshits read this.

How to uphold UTAR image?

Many UTAR students have read and interested people are still coming in to read my previous post "Read this before you enroll to UTAR". I got many feedbacks, some agree and like my post, some got pissed off and dislike it, perhaps they also despise me and label me as complainer or traitor of UTAR. I do not like been labelled that way to be frank.

But I will not say: "fuck off if you don't like what I write." It is a ignorant and irresponsible statement to make.

I want to make my point clear, I was not trying to ruin UTAR image, I was merely describing what I have seen and experienced in the past 4 years. I have my own ways to uphold the school's image.

I keep quite when speakers from outside UTAR are conducting their presentation, I wear shoes to job interview session, I drive carefully, I definitely won't hit and run, I don't leave dishes on cafeteria table, I don't vandalize UTAR properties, I don't steal LCD screen from computer lab, I don't have hair like super saiyan

These are some small but crucial things and signs that people scrutinize and evaluate. Talking but not doing doesn't contribute a thing.

Is it a sin for not knowing what you want?

When people ask you "What you want to do in future?", how would you answer?

Is it possible to tell them that you want to be a toll collector? garbage collector? toilet cleaner? maid? dish washer? farmer? fisherman? gardener? drug dealer?  porn star? or pimp? or porn director?

I'm pretty sure you'll get this expression.  

This doubt has been bothering me for quite some time: is it not ok to not have a ambition? Why does your own ambition have to do with other people's expectations?

T for Tiga Batang

My blogging schedule is messed up by all these nonsenses (usually I publish two posts per week, sometime longer, but these two days I published three posts).

Datuk T unmasked themselves, so from now on we should call them Datuks T, with an "s" behind the "Datuk". The three musketeers (I prefer to call them Tiga Batang) claimed they made public the sex video of Anwar, because they think rakyat should see their leaders' true colors so not to be cheated by their masks. They just want to uphold justice (wow! They should call themselves Justice League instead).

They also claims the video only came into their possession two week ago. One of the Tiga Batang admits that he is in the video, at the beginning of the video.

I'm confused. Let's say Anwar is really the person in the sex video, then is he the victim or the villain? Are we supposed to hate him and condemn him now? What Tiga Batang want us to do? What they want the police to do? Find out who is the secret photographer or the voyeur and arrest him? Or they want Anwar to be arrested for adultery or had sex with prostitute? Then what was he doing in the video, was he a pimp? Then should the police arrests him as well? Should the justice league be arrested as well for possessing porn?

Read this before you enroll to UTAR

Recently I read a blog post, written by a UTAR student, claims he doesn't regret choosing UTAR for his tertiary education. So I thought as an UTAR student I should write about my UTAR experiences too. So people who are planning to enroll to UTAR at the upcoming May intake can read and think twice.

1. Does UTAR provide good education?
No. UTAR doesn't educate you. UTAR trains you. UTAR provides you with opportunities to acquire skills and knowledge that are fundamental (but important) to future employment or further education. Education and training are two different things.

The course structure includes many irrelevant subjects (sometimes I think the management just put it in for the sake of creating jobs for more lecturers), and leaves out many crucial subjects (may be UTAR doesn't not have the resources needed to include the subjects).

But one thing for sure, UTAR puts in a lot of efforts mimicking the real world (I guess) - you'll have very little time to do very much works (if you do all your works inclusive of preparing for tutorials). Therefore you need to keep up very good discipline and good time management.

2. Does UTAR have good lecturers?
Yes, it depends on your definition of "good". If a good lecturer is those who give "tips" for midterm and final exam, then you'll have plenty of good lecturers.

If you define "good" as having a lecturer who can inspire you, discuss with you, stimulate your growth, perhaps you're asking too much. However, there are a few lecturers that I really admire in UTAR.

The problem with UTAR is that it doesn't have enough brain-power and doesn't not allocate the brain-power evenly. Many lecturers (including those experienced ones) are reluctant to be transferred to Kampar branch, and many lecturers in Kampar are new and lack of skill and experience in lecturing. Mind you I'm not saying Kampar's lecturers do not have enough knowledge, I emphasize on skill and experience of conducting lecture.

3. Does UTAR have good facilities?
The most important facility you'll need is a good library. A good library must possesses books and journals that you'll need for your academy, and must have other books that you can read to gain knowledge beyond your text books. UTAR library is not adequate, therefore you'll find it difficult to get journals and information you need for your assignments and final year project (aka thesis). Books are scattered among branches, so you might not be able to get the book you want immediately if it is not in that particular library. Fortunately, librarians are generally helpful.

Gymnasium and sport complex are pay per entry and rent on hourly basis respectively. Cafeterias don't provide good or healthy food, prices are no cheaper than outside the campus (or more expensive).

4. What are UTAR students like?
If unfair to judge UTAR base on students' attitudes and behaviors. But if you are to come to UTAR I think you should be acknowledged.

Most of the students like to complain for no reason, some complain for they believe it's an initiative to trigger improvement of UTAR, some complain about students who complain. The first type of students basically complain and put all the blames on UTAR for everything goes wrong in their lives. The second type is often mistaken as the first type, typical initiative paradox. The last type thinks they are protecting the reputation of the university, but they contribute very little in actuality.

It's not a culture here to raise doubts and questions in classroom. It's not a culture here to answer questions either. Students here prefer to copy answer than find out the way to get answer. Spoon-feeding is the culture here, critical thinking is not encouraged.

90% of students are Chinese, mostly converse in Mandarin and other dialects. If one of your goals is to brush up your English, you should  mix around with English-speaking friends, otherwise you might not be able to achieve that goal. Many told me they can't speak well so they don't speak to avoid embarrassment, I told them it's better to be embarrassed now than later when you out to the society.

5. Why should you choose UTAR?
Its fee is cheaper relative to other private colleges like Taylor, Inti, Monash, and etc. UTAR's graduates have high employment rate (but low salary). UTAR has stricter enrollment requirements. UTAR exams are more difficult as compared to other colleges (according to a friend of mine who been to UTAR and now in MMU). You graduate with a degree, not diploma (if you manage to graduate).

6. Why shouldn't you choose UTAR
UTAR management is the one thing disappointing me the most. Rigidity is in their veins even though they teach us about empowerment and flexibility. Students points of view and opinions are seldom taken into management's account of consideration prior making any decision that could affect the students.

UTAR management has a lot of rooms for improvement.

7. Do I regret coming to UTAR?
No. Why should I or what is the point to regret?

I complained a lot, but I was not complaining about UTAR as it is an object that has no thinking and emotion. Its personality derived from its management or the brain. It's the management people are complaining, not the object itself.

A good university must has three essential components - management, academic personnel, students. Management's job is to stimulate facilitate the growth of the other two components. The academic personnel's job is to facilitate students and help management to achieve its academic goals. While students have to improve in term of academic performance and other aspects.

Why should we compromise when things could and should be improved?

Dedicate to haters - How to uphold UTAR image?

This post is not to tarnish UTAR's image. I merely point out the results of my observations so you can adapt better to UTAR's campus life.

T for Talk Cock

Did you know a mysterious person known as Datuk T threatens one of the opposition leaders to quit politic, otherwise he would make public his sex videos. The "porn star" seems to look like Anwar Ibrahim, but later in a press conference, Anwar denied the accusation.

Frankly speaking, I really don't care of a politician have affair with other women. What bother me is the perpetrator who recorded the fornication to use it as a political weapon against their enemies. What comes around goes around, I think Anwar knows it best.

Nevertheless, if you believe in rumors, then Anwar must be a superman. He must be having hard time to satisfy his sexual needs. Sodomy then adultery, what next? Threesome?

Why Chinese Are Richer Than Malay?

This question was raised by a lecturer in a local public university recently, and a friend of mine shared it.

"Why during the administration of former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Chinese community was given a lot of privileges in economic term that could prosperous them? As time passes, Malay community does not seem to catch up with the Chinese, despite the government has been assisting them at all. Why does this happen?"

A Malay student answered

"This is because Chinese are greedy, they would do anything to capture their own interests, and to rob others by any mean."

Did you see what I see?

Members of Parliament Ask First Lady to Shut Up

Comment made by FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia), Rosmah Mansor has been criticized by public and labelled as 'distasteful', 'insensitive', 'lack of knowledge', and so on. Two members of parliament (MP) from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), namely Zuraida Kamarudin (MP of Ampang) and Johari Abdul (MP of Sungai Pertani) had called for a media conference to address their concern over the issue.

If you understand Bahasa Malaysia, go ahead and watch the video. If you don't, then I'll just highlight certain important points have been brought up to the conference (starting from 2:18 of the video above).

"Kita rasa terkejut statement yang (di)keluarkan oleh isteri Perdana Menteri seolah-olah mewakili suara rakyat."

"We are surprised by the statement made by Prime Minister's wife, as if she represents the people (of Malaysia)."

"Hal-hal sedemikian lazimnya isteri perdana menteri tak main peranan pun. Kita tengoklah Dr. Hasmah (wife of Tun Dr. Mahathir), very gentle lady, dia tak buat komen-komen .... ini. Ini ialah urusan kerajaan."

"Prime ministers' wives usually don't play role in such matters. Look at Dr.Hasmah (wife of Tun Dr. Mahathir), very gentle lady, she didn't make comment as such. This is a government's job."

"Tun Hasmah tak pernah buat kerja-kerja yang kontroversial begini. Seorang yang gentle lady, polite dan dian seorang yang boleh kita angkap sebagai mewakili wanita Malaysia. Begitu juga isteri Abdullah (Badawi)... Dia menjadi wanita yang kuat di belakang suami masing-masing."

"Tun Hasmah had never done such controversial thing. A gentle lady, polite, and she is the woman to represent Malaysia's female. So does Abdullah (Badawi)'s wife... They play the roles as supportive wives."

"Ini dia suaminya ada kabinet, ada parlimen, bia suami lah yang buat kerja.."

"Her husband has cabinet, parliament, just let the husband to do his jobs."

"Ini yang dia masuk campur and lazimnya setiap kali dia buka mulut menjadi masalah kepada kerajaan."

"She interfered and every time she opens up her mouth and causes troubles to the government."

"Jadi kita amat kesal and kita minta dia kalau boleh duduk diam lah, buat lah peranan sebagai seorang isteri bukan sebagai permimpin."

"Therefore we are upset and we hope she could just sit still, plays the role of a wife, not a leader."

To recap, he asks Rosmah Mansor to shut up and sit still, so not to cause any more trouble to Malaysia. By saying this, he also challenged Najib's pride as a husband, "As a man can't you control your wife?". 

Malaysia First Lady Makes Idiotic Statement Over Japanese 8.9 Earthquake and Tsunami

Right after Berita Harian's insensitive cartoon poking fun at recent disasters hit Japan, our First Lady, wife of Prime Minister Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor made another idiotic statement in a recent interview.

Bad hair cut. I wonder where she got it.

Watch the following video, her speech starts at 0:50 of the video.

I'll translate what she had said to English

"Ini.. eh.. pandang(an) diri saya adalah satu pengajaran kepada negara-negara lain untuk apa-apa pun mereka nak buat, ataupun sebarang pembangunan mereka ingin lakukan seharusnya mengaji dulu keadaan sekeliling and mengaitkan dengan climate change and green technology, termasuk juga negra kita."

"In my opinion, this (causality) serves as a warning to other countries, before doing anything, or any form of development, they should study the environment and relate to climate change and green technology, including our own country."

Sorry for the poor translation, but I assure you it is accurate. By saying this, she implied the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan were consequences of their lack of concern towards the environment. 

It's commonly known that Japan is located on the Pacific ring of fire, that's why it has constantly experienced earthquake in the past and will face the similar problem in future. It is not because their own doing that causes the earthquake or tsunami, and the fact is, Japan is one of the most green-tech advanced countries in the world; even if Japan's not practicing enough environment friendly technology, I do not think Malaysia is in the position to criticize (First Lady represents Malaysia to certain extent). 

Her statement shows that she is in state of ignorance and possesses poor geographical knowledge. Even though she is trying hard to produce some brilliant sounding statements, but she seriously fucked up this time.

Japan VS Malaysia.

I believe Malaysia is really catching up with Japan, one of the greatest developed nations on earth.

Compare their road to our road.

Japan's road, after 8.9 earthquake and tsunami

Malaysia's road after Godzilla walked pass. 

After that please watch the following video too.

shaky Japanese buildings

Then compare with Malaysia's buildings. 

Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Terengganu.

After Ultraman fought a monster there, the Stadium survived with a minor scratch.

So our infrastructures are no inferior than Japan's. Therefore, I hereby conclude that Malaysia is now a developed nation. Malaysia Boleh! Salam Satu Malaysia!

This post is not meant to be insensitive towards Japaneses' losses, I personally think Japanese would not want condolences but respects for the ability to minimize the number of death. Other countries should learn from them. Japaneses have taught us a valuable lesson.  

Gay & HIV+ Conman cheats 193 victims

An ugly gay fuck with Aids conned 193 gay victims (maybe more), took away their money, valuables and life perhaps.

Most of the victims come forward admitted they had sexual intercourse with the gay fuck (I'm not sorry for describing him like this). I did a quick search and got to the facebook page shown in the video. After reading some of the comments, I roughly get the gay fuck's strategy to get laid and money.

He is a sweet-talker, victims describes him as patient, considerate, soft, and generous. One of the commentator said he doesn't believe this gay fuck is a conman as he met the gay fuck before, and the gay fuck didn't have sex with him but instead treated him with nice and expensive foods. Commentator also claimed that the gay fuck seems cash-rich. He will only show his true color after he gained the trust of the victims, first to put the victims to bed and second to steal from them (mobile phone, laptop, cash) and to borrow money from victims (a victim claimed he lost about RM40k to this gay fuck). He also never use his real identity to make friend, fake name most of the time. However, one of the commentator revealed the gay fuck's IC no. (889014-23-5163). According to him, he saw the fucker's IC when they check in to a hotel room.

Mudyiddin pissed Sabahan off

Just read this if you want to know more:

In case you don't know, Mudyiddin Yassin is Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister and also Minister of Education. Wondering why could one hold more than one post in cabinet? I guess we don't have any talent in this country, so he has to work harder and hold double positions.

I recently re-read Animal Farm and Muhyiddin somewhat sounded like Squealer. 
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