Student threaten to bomb Najib's helicopter

GEORGE TOWN: A 24-year-old university student has been detained for questioning after threatening to bomb Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s helicopter in a Facebook posting. George Town OCPD Asst Comm Gan Kong Meng said the Universiti Sains Malaysia student was brought in to the district police headquarters in Patani Road for questioning at about 1.30pm yesterday. In the latest status update on his Facebook profile, it was written “najib is coming to our campus ... let’s bomb his helicopter... source

So now Najib is warning everyone on internet not to talk bad of him because you are responsible for everything you post and share on internet, even if it's meant to be joke or sarcasm (or known facts that you can't prove). Calling him corrupted, killer, liar, najis or whatever nick name would probably be an invitation for a defamation lawsuit. Watch out millions of you out there!

Nevertheless, the news left me stunned for a few seconds.... What kind of bomber would announce his plan to the world in such a impromptu manner? Based on the grammar he used, the style of writing, and his background info the police should know that the fella cannot be a threat to Najib's life, don't they study profiling in police academy? Even a ordinary people like me I have watched enough CSI, CIA, Criminal Mind, FBI, X-File, Lie to Me, and a more American series to know a bit of profiling? 

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