MCA's Chua Soi Lek and DAP's Lim Guan Eng had a debate yesterday 18/2/2012 with the title "Malaysian Chinese at Political Crossroads".

As you all have seen, it's basically not a debate but more like two big kids pointing fingers to each other. Meanwhile the popular kid with his gang was in better position to literally bully the small and apparently weaker kid.

The "debate" was equally interesting on stage and among the audience, and apparently MCA has got better and more supportive crowd to back their president up.

A few people has made fame and one of the most discussed figure is undoubtedly Jessie Ooi.

I have no intention to mention again what she has done during the Q&A session, as I reckon by now you all must have known but I would like to discuss about the behaviors of fellow Malaysian netizens. The 2 photos above are circulating on FACEBOOK, mocking the silly questioner. FACEBOOK pages were opened for the same reasons.

Then I personally searched for her profile/pages and I found these:
Her page and the page she made just to fight against other opposing netizens (which I find it doggy, more like a page created by some pranksters to ruin her reputation). Some photos in her album are showing her giving away angpau to old-folks and apparently she is actively participating in political activities. 

While you fellow netizens and keyboard warriors mocking her on FACEBOOK, she has actually done something good to those old folks whom got angpau from her (whether the money belongs to her is another story), and she is doing somethings that align with her believe and her faith in MCA. What have you done? Have you registered to vote?

She might have asked a very stupid question in a silly manner, but I don't see the any intelligence in mocking her and criticizing her over the internet neither. The best way to respond to her is like how Lim Guan Eng did, ignore her.
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