the 1st 100 days

In case you don't remember

This Saturday will be the 100th day we together ^^

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look so Prefect and yet so Flawed within

People say, do not judge a book by its cover and it's doubtless true. Look at people around you, can you really tell what are they thinking inside their dirty little mind by looking at their sincere smile always on their faces?

Maybe you do have the ability to judge a person good or bad by their appearance, by stereotyping them with their group, or just simply like or dislike a person because you say they are damn Yong Sui or damn Chun!! But the fact is, sometime those so-called yong sui or bad-person look's people are those who really kind and friendly person. While those Chun and look-so-kind people are those who in the end give you a critical, fatal backstab!

I have very bad experience in judging people, because judgments are always not true, and somehow totally contrast with the reality!! So in the end I, myself get the best conclusion which is

'DO NOT simply trust a person, especially in MONEY issue'

I have been observing a few people, and I found really ugly sides of them when things come to money!

case 1
I lent RM200 to a colleague, out of trust and sympathy. She was suppose to return me my cash after 2 weeks the money borrowed. But week after week, no sign of she returning money. I tried to contact her, but

'Sorry, the number you have dialed, is not in service'

It's ok, never mind, I tried MSN also. Unexpectedly, she did not block me! But, tons of excuse were given from her! Bla bla bla, this and that! WHAT THE FUCK?!

I don't hoping much that she will return me my money. But I did understand this person from top to toe after this incident!

case 2 (under probation)
This case is more sensitive than the first case, it involved someone i see almost everyday when I'm in Kampar. So, I will name the person, X in my further writing. X looks nerdy and kind, X also a friendly person. But X has a major problem of honesty, especially when things involving money.

There was a time, I asked X to help me buy something worth RM3 or 4. Later on, I paid RM10 to X. X claimed that X got no small change to give me back at the particular time, but will return to me on the next day. I said ok and on the next day I did not ask for the change but waiting for X to give me the change. No money I get as if X remember nothing.

Another incident is pissing me more than the first incident, I eventually borrowed something from X. X asked me to buy something when I go out. I bought the thing X wants and did not ask for money, because X wasn't free that time. Later on, the memory lost symptom occurred again! I do not know whether X is pretending or really forgotten about the thing!! But no matter how, X had already alerted me to be careful when dealing with X.

Money is the Root of All Evil


Holidays ended and back to Kampar.

Started my Year 2 in UTAR with determination to pull out myself from the quicksand of failure in examination!
This time I really mean it and fucking well doing it, work harder and smarter!

Meanwhile, I have moved to a new place, with lower rental, like most of friends did.
Giving up spacious and cooling room T.T to save few red notes with Agong's portrait printed on.

Opportunity cost right? haiz...

bed, cost me 170 bucks and eventually, it worth the price.
1 damn comfortable mattress.

study table, looks same like the old one, but actually is lil bit larger.

window is just beside the table. On security purpose, I lock the laptop with the table.

my PC also my PIC

small lil pathetic fan T.T no ceiling fan

new wardrobe, smaller but sufficient space for my clothes.

Anyway, I'm satisfied with the new room. Better than my expectation but the most important thing is the price cheap and the house owner is a very good aunty.

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