The End of 2011

Finally year 2011 has come to an end and as usual people tend to revising the past 1 year to see how many plans they made for the year have actually worked out.

In nut shell, I have actually accomplished my resolutions for the year.

1. Finally I know how to swim, but only breaststroke so I'll be learning freestyle in the upcoming year. Self-learning is self-helping.

2. I graduated with a second upper class degree. Although it's not first class honours but judging by increasing a 2.91 CGPA by 0.12 points in the last semester I believe I did not too bad.

3. I got a job offer and secured a place in FSTEP just with one interview, guess I'm employable.

4. I got a job in money broking firm, which symbolizes the first step of getting myself to become a true banker. Personal banker ain't banker, please.

5. I realized how inadequate am I but still working on improving myself.

Guess 2011 is a memorable and fruitful year after all. Thanks to all the people who love me, and people that believe in me. Also thanks to people who dislike me and backstabbers, you have taught me valuable lessons in life.

Welcome 2012!
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