Facebook Slut Strips for Reload Card.

A "sexy young girl" said she is willing to show her naked photographs and video of her masturbating to anyone who is willing to buy her prepaid reload  phone card and online game point reload card. The sweet offer turned out to be a lusty trap to con some horny and stupid guys. "She" who is actually a man communicates with "her" horny victims through Facebook, first makes friend with them, then slowly lures them into the con trick. For more information read this.

This trick is as old as time and yet some stupid guys can still fall into it. At least request for a preview of "her" webcam first before you buy her anything will you? If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There's nothing wrong to be horny, but make sure it doesn't cloud your judgement.

Robbery at The Curve 27/09/2010 (Updated)

This video started to circulate on  Facebook  since yesterday (27/09/2010). It shows a man with a parang (long blade) walked into a skincare product store (The Face Shop) and put the sharp blade to the storekeeper's throat. He then ordered the hot young lady to go into another room (staff room or storeroom I guess). Two other men walked into the store shortly after that and one of them started to search for cash and other valuables. Within 10 minutes, these men have got what they wanted and left.

Some say the storekeeper was sexually abused by the robber, but I would remain skeptical. Why? Apparently the video is playing in slow motion and if you use some common senses you can convert it back to normal pace and that's about 5 to 6 minutes. Not enough to rob and rape I guess. Some say this is not real as the original video was removed from  Facebook  by the person who first uploaded it. But why would someone fake this kind of video? If this is real, it would serve as a warning to public that we are no longer safe, even at crowed public space.

Criminals nowadays are bold and they understand human's psychology. They are lurking in dark and will strike when you are defenseless, mentally and physically.

I saw some discussions at forum and many said the robbers are stupid because they didn't realize there was CCTV recording their action. I personally think that these robbers are not stupid, they are experienced, calm and cocky. Of cos they knew the security camera was there but they didn't give a fuck because the storekeeper recognizes them already and they knew the quality of the video will not be clear. Fingerprints all over the counter? Do you really that naive to think police is going to investigate further if not one (rich and power) get hurt? Nevertheless, these men must have been doing this for quite some times.

Update 2
According to a reliable source, the robbery is real. However, the girl was not raped. She was tied up when she was discovered. The company (The Face Shop) ordered the staff who first uploaded the video to remove it, to stop the news from spreading. I personally think that the company should clarify the public's doubt rather than just trying to cover it up.

Safety and security are our concern, could we still have safe shopping experiences? Could we still live without fear? If these criminal can rob in a shopping complex at 1.30pm, they can break into your house at 1.30am as well.

Lee Chong Wei Didn't Show Off After Beating Lin Dan?

I'm not a big fan of badminton sport, but who in Malaysia doesn't know Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan? Lee has been living under Lin Dan's shadow after defeated by the latter in Olympic 2008, Thomas Cup 2010, and many other matches that I'm not familiar with. People would not recognize him as the best even with his ranking as world number one, unless he proves himself worthwhile by beating Lin Dan.

Yesterday (26/09/2010), Lee finally proved himself genuine, outplayed Lin Dan in Japan Open 2010 and beat him for the first time as world number one. For details, read this and this.

Lee was as happy as a little girl, you can see it from his face

I reckon Lin Dan's fans must have felt disappointed as he got no reason to strip and dance anymore like what he did after winning Lee in Thomas Cup in May 2010.

What's So Great About Iphone 4?

24 September 2010, the controversial Apple iPhone 4 has finally reached Malaysia. Introduced simultaneously by Digi and Maxis, the two most proactive and aggressive players in Malaysia telecommunication industry. The launching of iPhone 4 was a resemblance of the intense rivalry and competition between Digi and Maxis.

Some people queued for more than 6 hours just to be among the first Malaysians who have got an iPhone 4. Nevertheless, I wonder why people are so obsessed with iPhone? What's so great about iPhone? 
Apple iPhone 4

Is it because the new iPhone 4 now possesses 1 GHz processor & 512 MB of RAM, installed with iOS 4 operating system that allows multitasking, mounted with battery that provides 40% longer talk time from 5 hours (iPhone 3GS) to 7 hours, as well as an upgraded 5 megapixels front-facing camera for "FaceTime" video calling & back camera with built-in flash and the new high definition (HD) video recording with LED light & backside illumination, and not to forget the improved 960x640 326 ppi screen resolution which did not make the phone thicker but 24% thinner as well as better 3 axis gyro that detects more motion gestures to allow better gaming, and finally the stainless steel band that also serves as an antenna at the same time escalates the sense of design to state-of-art.

Or simply because of kia-su mentality?

Is Siti Nurhaliza A Nun?

Dato Siti Nurhaliza (Muslim) was alluded as did not uphold Islam's principle of dressing modestly (hijab) because headscarves she had worn were almost identical to what a Christian nun wears. He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find his stick. 

To view source click here.

Sekeluarga mencuri di Al-Ikhsan (Family Job)

This is most probably the most organized shoplifting I have ever seen. This is not just some steal-and-run, this is serious shit, they almost took away everything!

Great planning is crucial to success, and great organization and coordination of individual roles and responsibility have brought them lucrative loots.

Big size women handled the "logistic", by hiding all the loots under their's baju kurung (Malay traditional dress), avoiding all securities and transporting it out of the store safely.

Other members played the role of "spotter" and "whistle-blower", spotting the shop keepers and giving signal via gestures and eye contact to other members to whether continue operation or pause, or even abolish mission when necessary. Effective communication must take place in order to deliver messages and interpret messages received precisely. You can see mutual trust demonstrated by the family.

Everyone knows what to do and how to do, and gives full support and corporation to succeed. They have congruency in purposes and goals which in turn lead to consensus and team cohesiveness. What a united family I shall say! 

Now Every Teen can Pregnant

Malacca took the initiative to set up school for pregnant teens. Pregnant teen is defined as female teenagers aged 12 to 19 year old whom had premarital sex with boyfriend and got pregnant incidentally.

Traditionally, these poor girls who got pregnant were not allowed to go school anymore (I'm not sure why but I've never seen any pregnant schoolmates during my secondary school years) because they were viewed as disgrace to their family, and must get married with the "person in charge" whom responsible for the pregnancy immediately. However, with the new School of Hope (School for pregnant teens only with better name) now every teen can get pregnant and still go to school.

I wonder, what would be taught in the school for pregnant girls? Will there be any sex education? So they wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Will parenting knowledge and skills included too? Apparently many young people nowadays can't even make their own bed, moreover a baby.

Would there be any uniform? Apparently, their old uniforms will no longer fit.


Lecturer Hit Student and Ran

Hit-and-run is no news? How about lecturer hits student and runs?

A UTAR student was pissed when she was updating her blog (update: post has been removed), not because her friend was injured in a traffic collision but her anger was triggered by stupidity demonstrated by irresponsible driver who hit her friend and ran away from scene. Guess what, the idiot is having a job to give lecture in UTAR.

A few passer-by saw the incident and eventually tailed the driver and brought her back to the victim. The lecturer responded : "I go home to have my lunch!" "I totally lost my appetite and I was planning to go back to see her (the poor student who was being hit)." Victim and friends were speechless.

The victim's parents have been contacted and immediately came to Kampar, worrying the daughter's condition. The lecturer refused to see the victim's parents, insisted they (the victim's parents) were intended to hurt her. For more information, click here.

Well, I'm sure the safety of a student is no match to a lecturer's stomach. Of cos she has to eat, if she doesn't fueled up she will suffer gastric. Is gastric not more suffering and more painful than being crashed by a car? Is starving not more torturing than bleeding and having bone fractures?

Lecturer is always more valuable than a student, because she is highly educated and she is more productive and she is knowledgeable. Losing her would be a great loss of talent for Malaysia. On the other hand, losing a student will not do any harm to the society.

Anyway, so many people die everyday, why care? The lecturer was correct, her stomach is definitely more important than an injured girl.

For her own safety, she of cos had to refuse to see the victim's parents. You know those Chinese parents are normally not educated mah, what if they really grab a shovel and hit her right at her face? It would definitely leave scar and she would loss her pretty and attractive face.


I'm sorry for removing the name and censoring her photo. I realized there are more readers than what I have expected. Give her a chance would we? Before it really take away her career and reputation.
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