Business Trip

I had not been updating for quite some time. First, I had my final exam, then I went on a vacation in Pulau Langkawi with my fellow classmates. Afterward, I went on a 1-week business trip with my uncle. Do not expect to see luxuries, suits and ties in this post because it was a business trip full of blood and sweat.

The red-in-color-mark is the route that we have been through during the trip, almost the whole East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. This is the first time I been to Terengganu and Kelantan, the experience is truly eye opener.

Is Anwar really gay?

This is not the first time Anwar is being charged for sodomy. In fact he was charged under Penal code for sodomy during 1998 (Sodomy I). The question: is this really a political conspiracy or he really did sodomize the victims?

Let's ignore the first hypothesis, and presume the second one is the case.

Did Anwar penetrate Saiful's ass at the latter's consent?

If he did not, why Saiful did not struggle? Apparently he is younger and logically can be perceived as stronger than Anwar.

If he did, why did Saiful come up after 3 days to sue Anwar for penetrated him?

Osama bin Laden dead? Really?

Earth's most wanted man (or should I say US's most wanted man?) for the last 10 years has been killed by US army yesterday, somewhere in Pakistan. Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 911 terrorist attack.

Osama bin Laden, leader of Al-Qaeda 

I wonder is he really dead? Does he really exist at all?

Psychopath in Kampar

There is a psychopath in Kampar.

My place got flooded by this little motherfucker twice.

He pulled the rubber tube into my house and let the water flows.

All these happen during 4-5am.
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