What Have We Learnt In Year 2010?

As usually, people revise what have they done in the whole year at the end of the year. So bear with me, this post is dedicated to the future me to see whether 2011 would be a more fruitful year.

I wanted to write this few days ago, I went through my archive and revised all 2010's events. The most noticeable thing was the change of my blog's theme from personal to more political and I allowed my sarcastic and facetious sides to blossom LOL 

Surprisingly, many people actually bought it and started to follow this blog (of cos some lack-sense-of-humor cannot get my wit). Nevertheless, thanks for reading my blog and please forgive my poor grammar and limited vocabulary (I'm working to brush up my language, this is one of the reason I started to blog).  

Anyway, below are my lessons learned in year 2010. 
1. Many professionals are not professional
2. Opportunists make fool of less sophisticated kampung people
3. GLCs are inefficient and ignorance, privatization would benefit us
4. Money can settle anything, even cover up crime
5. Malaysians have volatile memories, forget things very fast
6. Malaysians behave hangat-hangat tahi ayam
7. Peer pressure makes nerds and girls watch World Cup
8. Racism is a vicious cycle
9. Internet facilitates democracy in good hands
10. Internet cultivates stupidity in idiots' hands
11. Education system in this country is handicapped
12. Education system in this country produces highly-educated retards
13. Reckless driving and ignorance kill, not bus
14. People are lacking of proper moral values nowadays
15. Greedy people are easy to cheat
16. Politicians think people are retarded
17. Politicians got big mouths
18. Facebook breeds creativities 
19. Malaysians love Facebook

I wish you Happy New Year and a fruitful year ahead. 

The Season of the Witch is Here

What scares me the most about witches? Not their flying bloom, not their dark magics that can turn man into frog, and definitely not the mirror on the wall and the poisoned apple. I actually find it kinna cool to fly in the sky with a bloom, I mean how environmental friendly is that? Turn man into a frog is not scary at all ok? Turn man into toilet bowl inside male rest room is scary. Mirror on the wall? I find it works better than Google, you get the most accurate result for question you ask. Apple? Just don't eat the apple, eat orange instead (I've never heard of poisoned orange before).

What really terrifying is their mastery of disguise. Look at the hot and attractive women below, I suspect that they're all witches in disguise. How can a woman acquired with angel's face and devil's body at the same time? It's impossible.... unless they're witches. They are completely capable to do this if they can turn man into frog.

Just imagine, if you happen to date one of the ladies above. You take her out for dinner at a perfect Saturday night, and you don't feel like letting her goes so after dinner you take her to your favorite bar and then you start flirting with her, then you hold her hand and the little pervert in you ask you to sniff her hair. Things are going so perfectly well and suddenly it's 12am already! Suddenly her magical effects are expired and the perfect date just *poooof*, gone! The hot girl turns out to be a witch with ultra-long hook nose and jaw with serious acne problem, not to mention the bad hair and ugly teeth.

And you remember you just kissed her...................... French style.

Season of the witch

By the way, this is a post I do for a contest. Hopefully you're entertained.

Malaysia is not going to ban Facebook

There is a rumor spreading on internet saying Malaysia's government is going to ban or block Malaysians from using faceboook after the incident of Alviss Kong's suicide. As the intensity of debate over the suicide accelerates, a several facebook users follow suit and claim they are going to kill themselves too (copycat's suicide). Of cos most of these people are pranksters.

Many concern that the suicide trend might be a good excuse for government to shut down Facebook. Do remember that Malaysia is not a socialist country. The government cannot just ban Malaysians from accessing Facebook and intervene our freedom of speech, and there is no such law that prohibit people from leaving suicide note (as long as they do not attempt suicide). Besides, just because a few people are leaving suicide notes on facebook it doesn't make it a valid reason to stop people from using it. Accident rate in Malaysia is high, is that implying a car-ban as well?

I realized many people are sharing false information on facebook without clarifying the validity. Please do not believe everything you read on internet, be a smart internet user. I came across a good-course website and read one particularly interesting comment left by a Chinese (China Chinese), :"... I discovered this after I came to America, and I can use facebook here too! I want to do more to help solving problems around the world....", and I realized facebook is not a right, but a privilege for many people, but many Malaysians choose to abuse such privilege instead of benefiting from it. How sad is that.

Singapore jealous of Malaysia?

Last couple of days, WikiLeaks released the cables between US and Singapore officials that say Malaysia's decline is due to incompetent politicians. Read this instead of Alviss Kong news, that's retarded. According to Ibrahim Ali, Singapore is jealous of Malaysia's achievement. Singapore said that because they have been holding grudge towards Malaysia for a long time. 

What make Singapore jealous of Malaysia? We have Petronas Twin Tower and another 100-storey Warisan Merdeka is coming up but they don't have? We have leaking Parliament House and they don't have? Singapore's politicians jealous because UMNO's cronies' are all multimillionaires? Or jealous because our flag is more colorful than theirs? 

The only valid reason why Singapore would jealous of Malaysia that I can think of is that we have Ibrahim Ali, and they don't have. But Singapore, you already have Puah Chu Kang and Liang Po Po (even though they're no match for Ibrahim Ali), be grateful ok? When people criticize us, we should implement introspection and improve ourselves, instead of acting like a bitch and denying the facts. 

What I think about Alviss Kong and his fans

I guess a lot of Malaysian facebook users have already known about Alviss Kong, the guy who committed suicide and counted down to his own death on facebook. If you still haven't heard of his name, please refer to this article, or just google his name. After his death, people started to make video clips about him, write stories about him, blog about him, talk to friends about him, mount for him and of cos, some cry for him. Some even started to call him the Malaysian Romeo and made him wikipedia page and a lot of facebook pages to glorify him. From this we can see how teenagers spend their time unproductively.

I don't know him, but I certainly know he was a man of his word; he said he was going to kill himself and he did. Why would he want to kill himself? According to his suicide note, he believed that was a die-for-love, but was that really love? Did he kill himself for the girl? Or he just killed himself for himself?

Suddenly he is at the middle of spotlight now, thousands of teenagers 'LIKE' his fan page. But for what? To signify respect, worship, idolatry towards him? For his 'courage' and his 'romance'? Courage to commit suicide but too afraid to live a life? Romance about he killed himself and made the girl the person to blame? Calling this act of stupidity as love would be pettifogging.

The whole incident shows us a very important message; there are a lot of immatures out there in Malaysia. Their values and way of thinking have been twisted by too much of cults and distorted ideologies. The fact is committing suicide this way, like Alviss Kong's way is just unworthy and stupid. It doesn't even worth the slightest admiration.

Life is full of chances and tomorrow will always be a better day. Millions and billions of people are struggling to survive. I don't want to talk much, so just watch the video. You'll know you're mature enough if you idolize the man in the video. This is their website and the great man is named Mr. Narayanan Krishnan.

Non-Bumi lack patriotism?

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Defence Minister said he did not mean to hurt our feeling (non-bumiputra) when he mentioned the low participation of non-bumi in army is due to lack of patriotism. However he did not apologize for what he had said, but that's ok because all Malaysians have the freedom of speech. If he thinks lack of patriotism is one of the factors why non-Malays don't want to join army, so be it. Want to know about the details click here.

But dear Defence Minister, is there only one way to show patriotism? Some sing Negaraku (national anthem of Malaysia), some fly Jalur Gemilang (flag of Malaysia), some develop the country's economy, some win squash games and some urge non-Malays to join the army; are these not expression of love towards the country?

Earlier this year in May, when Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) held a recruitment drive for 40 vacancies for investigating officers and assistants, more than 400 Chinese turned up. Did that not show how non-Malays love the country? These people know what this country really needs; less corruptions and more transparencies. Is that patriotism?

Remember the jet-fighter engine worth RM50million stolen from airbase end of last year? Tell me it wasn't an inside job? So patriotism is the only reason to join army? Apparently not.

Malaysia Bans Facebook?

Someone finally came up with a brilliant idea to solve the ongoing argument between pro-government and opposition supporters on Facebook. He thought :"Why not just ban Facebook?"

I must admit, this is the most brilliant idea I have ever heard. Why no one has ever thought of it before? No facebook, means no more 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower page, no more Lim Kit Siang, no more Hishamuddin Rais, so on and so forth thus threats to national securities will be gone.

Besides, ban facebook can indirectly increase the nation's productivity as people will focus more on working rather than farming on Farmville, hence improve the economic performance and we'll be high income individuals in no time! If that's not wisdom what is that?

Malaysia will not ban facebook.

The Lesson of Old Farmer and His Cow

A young traveler saw a cow tied to a small stake. He walked up to the old farmer and said :"Oh farmer, it will run away." The old man chuckled, and said :"No, it will not. It has always been so." The young man was confused, he could not help but to ask :"Why not? It's just a small stake, the cow can easily break free from it."

The farmer approached the young traveler and whispered to his ear, as if he did not want the cow to listen to what he was about to tell. "It has been tethered to this thin stake since it was a calf. Initially it struggled and tried to escape but it was too weak to break free; after a several attempts, it gave up struggling. Later it grew up, I was thinking maybe it will break away to eat the grass if I put the hay beyond where it can reach. But it did not, it just stood still and looked at the fodder. Interesting?"

Spanish woman claims ownership of the sun

A Spanish woman claims that she is now the owner of the sun after registering it as her property with the local notary and plans to charge those who uses it (read full story here).

To start charging us for using the sun, first she needs to startup a company and to do that she needs a company name. I think the best name for the company would be simply S.U.N. (Spanish Ultimate Nonsense).

Then she needs a catchy company line that when people see it they will think of the S.U.N, I guess "There ain't no such thing as free sun." will do.

Now we have to pay for everything on earth? Air, water, earth, and even the sun? LOL

10 Movies You Must Watch (Part 3/3)

Check out the 1st part and and 2nd part. I don't really have a certain type or genre of favorite movie but I'm rather picky when it comes to the quality of the story and actors' acting skills. I don't memorize actor name on purpose, but I do have a few name that I really enjoy their works; Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and so forth.

No.7 Pursuit of Happyness. Yes, I know I spelled happyness wrongly, but that's the title. Want to know why? Watch the movie yourself. The movie is based on a true story, talking about a mid-aged man who screwed up his business and faced serious financial problem. Eventually his wife left him and he insisted to take care of his son by himself and they stepped on to journey of pursuing happiness.

No.8 Gladiator. The story based on ancient Rome, a general got framed by Roman prince out of jealousy. Later, the general returned to Rome as gladiator to regain his honors and everything he has lost, and of cos to have his long-waited vengeance.

No. 9 Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump was a dumb but lucky and kind-hearted guy. He was persistent, innocent, obedient and loyal. His characteristics had led him to a exciting and great life. This is one of the most touching show I ever watched.

Last but not least, The Bucket List. What if there is only 3 months left in your life? What are you going to do with it? These 2 dying old men probably lived more lives than ever before, after they found out that they have not much time left.

These are only part of the movie I would like to share. Let my know if you like it and I'll share more.
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