How Camping Kills Your Skin Cells?

I found out the fact that Camping Kills skin cells last weekend lol

I spent my last weekend with all my housemates in First Aider in Every Home Camp, which obviously was organized by First Aid Society in UTAR. Frankly speaking, it the 1st activity I have ever joined since I came to UTAR, I'm glad that myself finally kick start to participate in more activities in campus. lol

Sadly, I was actually replacement of my housemate 's boy friend, who is having final exam this week, eventually he wasn't able to attend. Nevertheless, I was still enjoying myself to the fullest during the camp.

The 1st activity we had, was water activity. We had been taught about basic skill and coordination on using Rakit and Kayak.

The instructor is quite an entertainer, he has spoken some funny shits and made us laughed lol

After all those craps, we were arranged to go into action.

It's the 1st time I play rakit, and what can I tell you is, it's a good experience. Looks easy, but not so easy when you really do it, because all the members were meeting for the 1st time as well, it made the cooperation and coordination harder.

People were so exicted & started to splash each other when rakits met lol

After the water activity, it was time to learn something beneficial.
We had been given a 4 to 5 hours lecture on first aiding, including how to bandage injuries, how to save a choked person and well as how to do CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resusitation)

We were instructed to pratise CPR on dummy (the fake person),
which costs few thoudsand per set lol


The night was boring, we were having night walk through a rubber estate.
The funny part is, we were still able to hear noise from a factory near by LOL
While the worst part is, we had waited for 3 hours in order to complete the 10 minutes walk

Z z Z z

I think they should have call it a Time-Wasting-Walk instead of the fancy Night-Trekking-Through-Jungle



The second day was all about tanning until you get sun burn lol
90% of participants were getting sun burn and I bet their skins are peeling off now LOL
The other 10% consisted of few smart asses who had used sun block, and couples of pussies who never joined the activities for the sake of their spiky hair and fair-pussy faces!

There was a pussy, who brought along his 9x7 inches mirror, hair dyer, hair spray, and cologne, as well as the nicest dresses in his wardrobe to the camp.
In order to keep his nicey and spiky and precious hairstyle, I think he properly has a lookie-but-no-touchie policy, in preventing people touching it lol
My group of people have observed him all the time during the 2 days camp, of course excluding sleeping time! He never stopped touching his hair to keep them always in the best condition and appearance lol

If our Government has such quality in term of taking care of Malaysians' well being instead of their own, i bet Malaysian would probably stop migranting to Australia LOL

Curious about what we were doing? They call it the Sukan-Kreativiti or so they said.
See the barrel there? It has been poked alot of holes on it, we have to figure out a way to fill it with water and leakage is not allowed.

My team won in the competition, but nothing to be proud of, piece of cake lol

This is the Monkey Rack, nothing special

I was surprized by the introvertedness of girls, when the instructor asked them to try out, no one was willing to step out. After that, when no one is watching, they all started to gather around the obstacle and play with it.
But this theory does not suitable to apply on my 2 housemates, I sometime think they are over extroverted LOL

This is the 3 meters wall, stunned by the skill of climbing as well as the cooperation among the climbers.
I wanted to try out, but sadly, due to time constraint we were just able to watch and learn.

Piture above is depicting the concentration of participants in receiving instructions and guidance. Instructor was explaining the rules and regulations of the game called Hole-In-One, sounded abit fancy I think lol

This game, they required 20 guys to stand on and hold on, on the lorry tyre, but unfortunately, advantage of having greater physical ended up as a disadvantage. We only managed to put 17 guys on it.

Flying-Fox, it's all about joy and relaxation LOL
The speed was slow, and the height was not so impressing, but overall it's still fun.

My group, nice to meet them.

My housemates, 2 girls were mentioned earlier, are over active and extroverted

All the guys, try to spot which is the lookie-but-no-touchie pussy i mentioned lol
Answer will be released soon LOL

The end of story..

Secure Your Identity Card!

I, personally was surprised when I was told by a friend about this.

And I think every Malaysian should know it as it's harming us and will continue expand it's black magic further if we do not concern about it.

Today, I am going to reveal how Malaysian public sector can involve in corruption

What you are about to read is real and it was told by a member in lawless organization which i had chance to engage with.

Think about my question. Have you ever think that your identity is being used by someone else illegally? And how they can do that?

Above is an Malaysian Identity Card (IC) or MyKard, and it's belongs to a Malay as you can see. It was supposedly held by the owner, but it wasn't. It's was in hand of some lawless organizations.

How those organizations got this IC?

Corrupt someone in JPN and take it out of the department of a period of time

(who lost their IC will have to apply for replacement, and usually takes months to reach applicant. It gives lawless opportunity to smuggle it out from JPN and return it on time.)

During the period of time, these lawless criminals will utilize the IC to gain as much as benefits as possible.

For an example:

For those who are staying in KL, recall the aggressive promotion by U-Mobile (018) last year.

U-Mobile was letting public register for its postpaid service for free.

Criminals took the opportunity and established relationships with many unethical sales representatives. These sales representatives were responsible for register applications with those IC smuggled out of JPN illegally.

After squeezing every drop from the IC, lawless organizations return these IC back to JPN store, and JPN will give it back to public without noticing the absence.

These is just one of a thousand black magic can be spelled with the wand (money) in hand of lawless.

So you think you are safe? Think again.

Be a Man

New semester is started today, and things was going well

However, I realized there are some missing faces in class

According to other classmates, those missing classmates might have already terminated, as their results weren't qualify they to continue

Some of they are now appealing for a examination paper review

All the best to them..

I have be told that some of friends are quitting UTAR, and some of them were terminated

As time passed, members are getting lesser and lesser

Life in UTAR is getting lonelier and lonelier

Nevertheless, giving up now is an act of stupidity

Fight is not about how hard we can hit our enemies

But how hard of punches we can take and still, stand up and fight back

Life is the same thing

You can choose to give up like a coward,

Or you can choose to hit back, harder and stronger, like a man

I choose to be a man
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