Genting Fatal Bus Crash

Another fatal accident! Bus again! This time 7 people were killed and more than 20 people injured. The crash happened just now at 7.51pm, near by the gate at foothills (a gate, a police station, or what-so-ever, I don't really know what it's called)


Monetize Your Blog - Pros and Cons


1. Make money, also improve blogging skills
Blog without quality contents won't go far. As some bloggers say: Content is king. However it's arguable, I have seen some famous bloggers with not really good contents. Maybe people aren't looking for content but some other things.

2. Make money, also make friends
When you decide to go pro, you need supports and learn from other bloggers. Along the way you pick up some friends. One of the advantage of making money from blog is you don't really have intense competition - people can read your blog and at the same time read your friends' blogs, so there is not conflict of interest.

3. Make money, also get the sense of accomplishment
Seeing people come in to your blog is an indescribable feeling. The feeling of being recognized is good and you get the sense of accomplishment.   


1. Make money, but lose credibility 
People have little trust in advertorial, it might seems like you promote the particular product or service for the sake of money.

2. Make money, but lose liberty
You might need to please you readers by writing something they like and want to read instead of something you really want to write (because it might be boring).

3. Make money, but lose pleasure
You need to increase you traffic, it's a headache. When you lose you traffic, it's pressure.

This is just my 2 cents of opinion. 

Paul The Octopus is Dead!

Controversial Paul the Octopus is dead! Paul made his fame during the World Cup 2010 for his prefect prediction over game results, including the final which Spain won Germany by 1-0.

For more information click here.

Flying Screwdriver

A young lady was stunned to see her car's windscreen cracked by a screwdriver. As usual, for more reading, click here. I am reluctant to duplicate the info and create internet junks. 

I wonder if someone threw the screwdriver or it's merely an accident? 

It seems like government's vision Wawasan 2020 to achieve status of developed country is still far far away from us. No wonder many foreigners still think Malaysians are staying on trees.   

In order to become a developed nation, it takes more than just sustainable economic development. The term "developed nation" refers to political, economical, cultural, social, educational advancements, lacks of any one a developed nation cannot be achieved. 

How to feature your post in Nuffnang's Innit?

Many bloggers with Nuffnang's Glitterati status like to promote their blogs through Innit, Nuffnang's very own blog exchange and blog promotion site. The question frequently asked is how to fully utilize Innit to gain maximize exposure for your blog?

First we have to understand how Innit works. Once you share a post on Innit, other bloggers can Nang or Dang your post. The more nang you got, the higher the chance to get your post appears on the Featured Posts section. Featured post allows maximum exposure and people will click on it thus you gain traffic.

featured posts

Exposure is the key here. There are so many bloggers posting so many different post everyday. Making yourself distinctive to maximize exposure is how you should play the Innit game.

Second, ask yourself what kind of post makes you interested to read? If you're not interested with some strangers' personal life, what makes you think they will be interested with yours? Most of the Innit users are looking forwards to how to increase their blog's traffic and earning. So try to post something about how to increase traffic, earning and how to get buffered earning.

Third, attract as many people as you can to nang your post, use the Innit chat. Study the number of nang of the featured posts, if one of the featured post only has 20 nangs, you only need 21 nangs to replace it. In a nutshell, to play the Innit game you have to get people to nang you.

Keep you post tittle brief and precise. People decide whether or not to nang you post based on your tittle. Don't have to use a very fancy title, it actually turn me off to be frank. Title should tell people what are they about to read, a snapshot of the post. If it's possible, try to keep the title  short, because once you get into Featured Posts section, people could not read the whole title. It only shows part of your title. 

The most effective way to improve blog traffic - Facebook

I discovered some very effective ways to gain blog traffic. I personally use it and my traffic increases about 1000%. Even though my page isn't generating 10k traffic per day, but still it proved it is effective especially if you're blogging about something worth for readers to share, by their standards of cos, not yours. If you're blogging about your emotion and feeling, I doubt that this post can help you. 

The most valuable lesson I have learned is to utilize your social network. The biggest and most popular social network is no doubt the Facebook, founded by the legendary nerd Mark Zuckerberg.  

There are a several very useful functions on Facebook, for example the Share button, Like button, and Fan page. The best of all, they're free of charge. For small-fry blogger like me, cost is most important factor I care in choosing the methods of promoting my page. So FOC is good.

Make sure you place Like and Share buttons for every single blog post you publish. So that people who find it interesting have higher tendencies to share it on Facebook. Convenience is playing a very important role here. Readers might be reluctant to share if they have to copy the page link and share it manually, it's too troublesome. 

Second thing is the Like button. It serves more than just a tool for people to "like" your post, it's rating. When people see a high number of "like" for a particular post. They might stop to read your contents, to find out why so many people like it. Herd mentality is the key. 

The third thing is Fan page. Create a fan page for your page. When people become fans, they indirectly follow you. To certain extents, fan page has the functionality of Twitter, RSS and bookmark. When you update your fan page, they will see it. It's better than Twitter because your fans can have a platform of discussion on Facebook. The downside is that people might not login to Facebook everyday or they might miss your update on. So, the best thing is to get your readers bookmark your page. That's it, my 2 cents of opinion. 

Bus Driver was Innocent! (10.10.10 Accident Update)

Bus driver did not cause the horrific accident because of speeding. He was trying to avoid an overtaking car! He was innocent.

According to eyewitnesses, the bus did not speed but moving steadily with approximately 90km/h at middle lane. The Chinese couple, Ms. Lu (makeup artist) and Mr. Xu (businessman) was driving about 100 meters behind the bus before the horrific accident happened. Both of them claimed that the bus steered a bit to left before it lost control and crashed to the opposite expressway.  Note: I translated the couple's names from Chinese. 

They suspect a car moved from fast lane to middle lane out of sudden and the bus was trying to avoid the car but failed and eventually lost control. 

Green car was the eyewitnesses' car, 
while X was the car suspected to be the cause of accident.  

The bus driver's wife said her late husband was a careful driver, it's very unlikely that he over-speed and put others' life on risk. According to a reliable source, the deceased's daughter gets a lot of calls and messages accusing her father as murderer. 

People, if you read this I beg you to spread this because he was innocent. He should not be called a murderer and his family should not be disturbed this way. 


How should we feel about accident and its victims?

A question popped out in my mind: How should we feel about accident and people affected by it. 

I guess most people would say they feel sympathetic for these victims and condoled with families in their losses. But is this concern of empathy applicable to all cases? What if someone dies because of his or her own mistake and worse, the mistake costs innocent people's life? In such situation, should we feel pity for him or her too? 

Do people really feel sympathetic for deceased and injured? Or some show empathy out of social pressure, so they wouldn't look cold-blooded? Why people stop to look at accident scene even if they know they couldn't help? Are they really concerned or they just want to fulfill their curiosities? 

People point fingers to government for not doing anything to reduce accident rate in this country. Is the government not doing enough? It's completely up to the traffic users to comply and obey. 

Most of the people feel lucky, they would never think accident could happen to them and take their lives away. Otherwise, people would start to show consideration on road and compliance to traffic rules. What's the use of showing empathy and not learning from the misfortunes? The greatest stupidity is repeating the same mistake. 

Car Crash Killed 6 in Kampar

2 days after the horrific collision at North South Expressway, another fatal accident happened in Kampar district, Kuala Lumpur - Ipoh truck road at Jeram. This one took away 6 lives.

According to witnesses, the victims were shouting for help: Tolong!! before they were burnt to death.

Initial investigation suggests the car was moving with high speed before it lost control and crashed to trees. When are people going to realize that safety is the only way home?

Videos captured by some busybodies who try to gain some traffics to his or her youtube channel.


10.10.10 North-South Expressway Accident - Who to be blamed?

October 10, 2010 or 10.10.10. A special day for many people but also a heartbreaking day for many families. A massive fatal collision happened at North-South Expressway, has taken away 12 lives and injured more than 40 people inclusive of 10 in critical condition. I express my deepest condolence to these innocent victims.

News can be found on The Star, NST, The Sun and all over internet. Video can be found on 8TV facebook page. Some eyewitnesses also took photographs of the scene and shared it on facebook.

Do not confused between accident and collision, these terms are not interchangeable because accident means there is no one to blame because everything happened by nature. Collision has someone to blame.

Who to be blamed for this massive collision? Whose fault is it the constant high traffic collision rate in Malaysia?

Blame the bus driver for not following the traffic rules?
Passengers for not asking drivers to comply with traffic rules?
The bus companies for not educating their drivers to drive safely?
The law maker for not making tighter traffic rules and regulations?
Traffic police for not enforcing the traffic rules stricter?
PLUS for not building better road?
Proton for not making safer car?
Dunlop for not making tyre with more grips?
Media for not spreading enough road safety messages?
Teachers for not teaching how to drive safe?
Parents for not nagging their children to follow traffic rules?
Time for passing too quickly?

Blame ourselves for being inconsiderate, impatient, and ignorant on road.

You are no Michael Schumacher, nor you are on race track. If you are attempting to commit suicide, there must be a better way to die than reckless driving. You have no right to drag someone else to die together with you. Stop being selfish.


Update 2
Bus driver was innocent!

Do you feel bored during holiday?

When I don't have holiday, I look forward to it. But when I have holiday, I feel bored. How about you?

Simply complete the poll below and let me know.

Man Died of SM Sex. Really?

7 years ago, a 41-year-old man Thng Boon Siang (汤文祥) was said dies while having SM (sadism and masochism) sex. When he was found tied up and half naked by his wife, his valuables and RM5000 cash were gone. Pathologist in charge said  injuries were result of his self-strangulation or in other words, he killed himself

Thng's family believes he was murdered and his wife testified that she had never had SM sex during their marriage. 


Does lower Crime Index make you feel safer?

Crime Index of Malaysia has been reported low recently. Apparently Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) has been working hard to decrease crimes in Malaysia. However, low crime doesn't mean no crime, police force could further reduce crime in Malaysia by:

1. Ignoring reporting of crimes
2. Persuading victims not to lodge police report.
3. Encouraging hiring of private security personnel 
4. Urging women to dress more
5. Buying more expensive police cars and weapons
6. Educating men not to wear Rolex
7. Forbidding civilians to use expensive phones like iPhone
8. Locking up all the illegal foreign workers
9. Placing gun vending machines at all shopping malls
10. Making illegal to legal


The Lesson of Lions, Wolf, and Sheep

I heard a story on radio today and I thought it worth sharing.

Once upon a time, God demanded two flocks of sheep to stay with their enemy, whether a wolf or two lions. Whichever chooses the two lions have the right to swap between the lions as only one will stay with the flock at a time.

The leader of the first flock of sheep decided to choose the wolf because they thought the wolf was less threatening as it only ate one sheep in a week, but lion could eat one sheep a day. The other flock chose to stay with the lions.

At the beginning, things went like what had been expected, but soon the wolf realized that it had the power to decide the sheep's life and death. Eventually it became proud and rampant, it attacked the sheep even if it did not want to eat them. The sheep were powerless.

On the other hand, the flock that had chosen lions knew that the right to choose between two lions was their power to control the lions. They let one lion to stay with them and let the other starved, and the swapping process went on. Lions finally realized that if they did not behave well, the flock had the power to swap them away and make them starve. Later, the lions only ate dead sheep and stopped attacking the flock. While the flock kept both lions alive because they knew if one of the lions dies, the survived will have the upper hand over them.

Are you going to choose wolf or lions?

Sex Education VS Baby Dumping

The busy Muhyiddin, our beloved Deputy Prime Minister, who also our Education Minister said sex education is the cure to baby dumping issue. For more reading, click here.

I recommend a condom subsidy to be approved for teenagers under 18 years old. One reason they fail to take up safe sex is that they are too poor to buy condom. I also recommend a law to regulate teenagers' average pocket money. Parents are to be legally bound to allocate a provision for pregnancy prevention   for their teenage children. To make sure the provision is used for the purpose meant, a safe sex credit card could  be introduced. It works like a prepaid phone card, the only difference is that it allows teenagers to get condom at any affiliated stores and retail outlets, only for condom not other merchandises.

I also suggest condom vending machines to be placed at schools, universities and colleges. So that condom can be easily acquired, thus reduces the possibility of unprotected sex on impulse. For your information, I'm interested in condom vending machine business, if you happen to be a vending machine seller, feel free to give me a quotation.
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