The End of Torture

Finally, all the assignments are done, for god sake.

Now, presentations are the only leave undone.

Although we were given 10 weeks to complete our assignments, but in the end we were still rushing it at last minute.

But, it isn't all our fault. The assignment given was bullshit, especially Managing Information System or MIS. We were required to simulate a system development to come out with a system called Leave Applcation System. We need to do all kinds of report and even create some complicated diagrams that hardly understood.

for example, this is our so called Level Zero Data Flow Diagram:

If you were doing this subject too, please don't feel bad if you failed to understand my DFD, because even myself found it confusing and inaccurate.

My opinion is, the whole things are craps!

Why do we business students have to do this IT thingy for fuck sake??

I saw some examples of similar assignment from Software Engineering students; even their assignment is easier than this shit!

I'm seriously wondering what the FUCK is UTAR doing?

Anyway, it was finished and fuck it!
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