10 Movies You Must Watch (Part 2/3)

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No.4 movie you have to see before you die - The Lord of The Rings. I guess even if you have not seen the movie, you must have heard of it also. It's a story about destroying an evil ring to prevent return of evil, but ironically to destroy it the fellowship has to travel into the lair of the evils. The ring had the power to breed dark side of the carrier of ring, therefore the carrier must fight the evil side. 

No. 5 The Pianist is one of the most touching war movie I ever have seen. The story is about a famous Jewish pianist surviving the World War I and Nazi's genocide of Jews. He did not fight like what other Jews did, he hid from the Nazi army but ironically the one who saved his life was a Nazi's officer. No one listen to music during the war, but the pianist had nothing left but his music in his heart and the music accompanied him during his toughest time. 

No.6 Watchmen, this is not a typical superheroes movie. If you're looking for superhero-saves-the-day then this is not the film you would like to see. I have friends who claimed that this is the suckiest film she has ever seen, but I totally disagree with her. The ideologies behind the movie are deep, not everyone can understand what the movie is selling; one of the heroes tried to save the world by destroying it, deep?   

10 Movies You Must Watch (Part 1/3)

I love movies and I have watched quite a number of movies to come up with this list of 10 movies that you must watch. I know this is quite random because I have never done any movie review but this is something really worth sharing, and you might like them if you love movies too.

Number 1 the best of all time goes to The Godfather. Godfather is talking about Italian young man who went to America to earn a living and eventually grew big and become a mafia family leader. Al Pacino later stepped in as his father successor to protect the family. He thought by growing bigger he could protect his family but the bigger he grows the weaker he becomes. The mafia's power eventually penetrated Vatican, the holy city. The movie has totally 3 parts so make sure you watch it all.

No.2 goes to Rocky by Sylvester Stallone. The movie uses a underdog boxer's life as background and shows audience the up-and-down and the meanings of life. Rocky Balboa got his once-in-life-time opportunity to fight with champion and he gave his best shot and became famous but this is not all, Rocky got totally 6 parts talking about the different stages of life. If you think Rocky is about fighting you probably right, but not in boxing ring and not about violence, but about fighting against all odds in life. 

No.3, The Shawshank Redemption. It's the old fashion prison break, not the high-tech Michael Scofield prison break but I would say I prefer the old school. Breaking out is easy part, surviving the outside world after 18-years of prison is the headache part.   

Stupid Housewife Wants to be A Millionaire

A stupid and greedy housewife contributed her savings of nearly RM250thousands to a "sifu" whom promised her at least RM1million in prize-winning four-digit numbers. Sifu refers to people who claim themselves have ability to communicate with natural forces, gods and spirits, therefore getting a winning 4D lottery numbers would be a piece of cake. Read more there.

Seriously I feel like quiting my college, cause it's so easy to get money from housewives. Just do a quick search on Google and you'll see plenty of them out there.

Goodbye to The Social Network Premiere Screening

I was invited to attend the premiere screening of The Social Network and I let the chance slipped through my fingers. I got the invitation last week and sadly I wasn't in the town and got no internet access so I didn't check my email. Nuffnang required me to confirm my attendance before 17 November, and when I finally check my email last night, I realized I just missed the deadline. So no more premiere screening for me, and it's my first time to win something from Nuffnang (disappointed). Anyway, to the person who got my ticket, please enjoy the show and congratulation too.

 invitation email

revocation of the invitation 

The Social Network 

Teenagers bully homeless old man

The video shows 2 shameless teenagers who thought it's fun to bully a homeless old man. They slapped his head and left him shocked. He showed a "no more please" hand signal to them and these eventually two bastards left him alone.  

This is the outcome of Malaysia's education system? Bastards who have fun by bullying weaker people? Is this the future of Malaysia? 

Teacher rapes 12 years-old girl

31 years old teacher sentenced to 36 years and 4 rotans for raping a 12 years old school girl. For details, read this.

How on earth that the 12 years old girl triggered his sexual arousal? An average 12 years old school girl who just got into puberty stage and barely have any boob or anything closer to a girl that appears to be sexually attractive.

elementary school kids

I wonder if there is any pre-employment test and psychological test before in process of hiring teachers. These are the voices of tomorrow we're talking about, at the young age, teachers play very important roles and have great influences in shaping their personalities. Imagine a extremist constantly instill negative ideologies to these young pupils who barely have any judging ability.

There is black sheep in every flock, but prevention is better than cure. The damage is done, and the impact is irreversible no matter how many years he got sentenced to. 

Retarded Teen Speeds on LDP

In this video, the retarded driver was speeding through LDP (Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong) with at least 180km/h where the speed limit along the highway is only 60 to 80km/h. The retard basically overspeed by 100km/h on average. The retard also cannot stand with the idea of there is a car in front of her, so she overtook every car got into her way.

An act of idiocy cannot be done alone, there must be a bunch of idiots and retards provoking each other. There are 4 voices in this video, 2 guys and 2 girls. They were praising her driving skill and the performance of the car she was driving. These bunch of idiots also cheered for her when she successfully overtakes cars.

What's wrong with this people? Don't they realize speeding kills? This is a public road, not your private race track. Why not have some group sex if you're seeking for some intense excitement? Speed is better than sex?

TM uses Facebook to Boost Productivity

I saw this photo on facebook just now and I thought it would be interesting to share with people.

At first glance, you might not find this photo interesting. So lets enlarge it and take a closer look.

It must be TM is starting to utilize facebook as a medium to connect all its employees. She was probably communicating the customer's complaint to her superior. The idea is simply brilliant! Facebook instead of its own intranet, it would probably save up millions of ringgit per year and yet enjoy the same or even more features. They can have a group, and with new group chat feature management doesn't even need to have face-to-face meeting anymore!

The money saved can be used to upgrade its internet service too. Even though it's already excellent now, but excellent will never be good enough for ambitious and visionary company like TM. It will not stop until all Malaysians can enjoy free high speed internet access! Bravo!

I'm dead sure she wasn't using facebook for personal purposes during working hour.

Maybank2U Fraud Email

Last week I got an email from Maybank, with email address of (m2u@maybank.com.my). The email asks me to reactive my Maybank online banking account because it has been temporarily disabled for security purpose. I recognized it as a fraud email immediately, because I don't even have an account with Maybank. However, the email address was convincing because of the @maybank.com.my. 

screenshot of the email

the content of the email

There hyperlink navigates me to a website with a layout almost identical to maybank2u.com. However, you can identify by the addresses; the fake website and the real Maybank2u online banking website

the fake website

the real website

Take a closer look and you will notice there is a green color lock beside the address of the genuine site and there isn't at the fake one. Do not login to the fake website with your genuine Maybank2u username and password because the fraudsters will gain access to your banking information and details if you do. I already reported this to Maybank customer service and hopefully they will close down the phishing site as soon as possible.
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