Updated - Namewee Arrested during Independence Day (国庆日黄明志被捕 )

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15 minutes before Malaysia' 53th Independence Day, controversial Chinese musician Namewee (黄明志) was arrested for his newest song Nah! Suck Banana!!. He was managed to update his status in Facebook about the arrest. In his statement, he also mentioned he was treated unfairly as he was only trying to "anti-racism", actions should be taken towards those headmistresses .

 Just in case if you don't know how Namewee looks like.

Namewee was expressing his anger over the recent "Cina balik China" statement made by headmistresses in his music video and the video was viewed by approximately half a millions of Malaysians. Apparently, many politicians also watched the video and decided it's a good opportunity to put themselves in the newspapers' headline. These politicians and political parties condemned Namewee for promoting racism and creating racial tention among Malaysians, and such action should not be tolerated. Government was urged to take legal action towards Namewee. 

Curious? Wondering what got Namewee into trouble? View this:

I guess he has already offended some very powerful men of Bolehland in past and now is apparently the best time for vendetta. Namewee, good luck.


The newest update:

Namewee was not arrested last night as he was not at home when police officers arrived at his house in Muar, Johor. However, it's just matter of time before mata-mata reach him.

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The Most Racist Page on Facebook

"Cina balik China" statement has obviously put the racial harmony in danger. However, conspiracy theorists claimed it was a dirty political trick played by oppositions to create chaos. There is no doubt that exploitation of such racial chaos would result in political advantages, but who is the winner in the end of the day?

If one argues that oppositions framed Puan Hajah Siti Insyak BTE Mansor to breed racism, as a conspiracy theorist myself can argue that oppositions have been framed for framing her, to create a villain impression of the oppositions. Conspiracy theory will never end.

The questions are:
1. Is Puan Hajah Siti Insyak BTE Mansor a political victim?
2. Did she make those moronic and racist statement?
3. Is she being setup?
4. Why would students lodge such fake police report?
5. Is this a political trick?
6. Who is the big winner in this chaos?

I shall leave it to your own critical analysis.

Above is showing the most racist page you can find on Facebook. Malaysians are making fool of ourselves by letting bunch of morons to use internet. You can witness yourself by clicking this link:
It's disappointing to see so many racist who think they are racialist. No pride, only stupidity shown in their comments and statements made. It's a fucking joke when they point fingers and label each other as racist, I feel very offended by the way they turn racialism into racism and insult rather than try to make peace with each other.

Media Control In Malaysia

Mainstream media in Malaysia is mainly owned by political parties and heavily regulated by government. Censorship is applied to control media content to avoid unnecessary disturbance to the “national” security.

Privatization of the media is the very 1st step of the conspiracy to control media in Malaysia. One of the initial effort to transfer ownership of the media from government to the private sector involved privatization of TV3. TV3 was licensed in 1983 to Sistem Televisyen (M) Berhad (STMB). Forty-percent of the STMB stock was held by the Fleet Group, which is UMNO’s holding company, and thus the Fleet Group, with more stock ownership than any other single entity, had the right to select the remaining ownership partners. TV3 in turn owns MEGA-TV, a MMDS “cable” provider.

In 1994 a television broadcast license was issued to Melewar Corporation and Utusan Malayu (M) Berhad to operate Metrovision. Tunku Abdullah, who is widely known to be a close associate of former Prime Minister Mahathir, controls Melewar. By 1999 Metrovision was struggling and was “temporarily” off-air by later that year and during early 2000. Metrovision has now ceased broadcasting.

Another reputed close associate of former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, Ananda Krishnan, was issued a license in 1995 to operate MEASAT. MEASAT in turn launched ASTRO, Malaysia’s digital direct broadcast satellite service. Krishnan is evidently the beneficiary of other “favors” resulting from his ties to Mahathir. With an estimated net worth of over $250-million (U.S.), Krishnan is a long-time member of the board of the Bank Negara and operates Malaysia’s “Sports Toto” (owned by Berjaya Group currently).

Natseven TV Sdn Bhd (NTV7), Malaysia’s most recent entry into the privately owned free-to-air television market, was licensed in 1998. Datuk (Dr.) Effendi Norwawi the Chairman of ENCORP group, which owns NTV7, serves as the Chairman of NTV7. Norwawi was also serving as the Minister of Agriculture (Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture, 2002).

Malaysia’s privately owned FM stations exhibit similar ownership patterns as television, and are largely controlled by Ananda Krishnan. Five of the seven stations are owned by Airtime Management and Programming Sdn. Bhd. (AMP). AMP additionally operates four “FM” services that are available only via digital direct broadcast satellite (ASTRO). AMP is also a division of Krishnan’s ASTRO. No to forget, Ananda Krishnan also owns Maxis Communications Berhad now.

The political parties and their investment companies control the major newspapers in Malaysia. The Utusan Melayu Group publishes 3 Malay language dailies and has strong ties to UMNO (United Malays National Organisation). It also owns New Straits Times with the Fleet Investment Group. In addition, The Star is owned by Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) under the name of Star Publication (M) Berhad. Star Publication also own several radio stations, Red FM, 988, and SuriaFM. MCA also owns Chinese newspapers like Nanyang Siang Pau and China Press.

According to Aliran , the journal of social reform, these connections reveal the biases of the Malaysian media. During the 1995 general elections, the daily newspapers carried government advertisements in full but accepted only partial advertisements from oppositional parties. Some believe that newspaper owners do not allow new entrants into industry despite the fact that they may add to the public good. What the imprisoned former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar called an "informed citizenry through a contest of ideas," is as of 2002 as elusive as ever in Malaysia.

This article has not revealed all the media controlled by political parties, there are more. They are not the country, they are not the government, they are merely politicians.


Is UTAR Racist?

Is UTAR racist? This question popped when I discovered this comment in Tun Mahathir's weblog.

In his comment, Shakeel mentioned that felt he has been discriminated. As a Muslim, he has to fast for all day long during Bulan Ramadan and only allowed to Buka Puasa after day. However, he has lecture until 8pm every Wednesday thus he has to starve if he were to attend the lecture. Lecturer did not have plan to end class earlier nor give response when this issue was brought up by him.

He felt disrespected as a Muslim and thought there is strong racism in UTAR as other higher learning institutions either private or public are able to provide Muslims with time to buka puasa, UTAR doesn't care about he because he is a minority in UTAR.

If he were to read this, I will say UTAR is not a racist university but merely a careless university. If UTAR is racist, it wouldn't accept Indian and Malay students or any other races in the first place. We just need to bring up the issue to the correct person, I have sent an email to our president and written a feedback to management regarding the problem and I hope they will take proper actions to solve it. Since the university is opened to all, there is a strong need to understand all the cultures and do adjustment according to the status quo. It's not fair to sacrifice someone just because someone is minority.

Anyway, I suggest Shakeel to negotiate with his lecturer so he can attend the lecture at some other time, as not only one class will be conducted in most of the papers.

Can Racist Be A Teacher?

click to enlarge, retrieved from Facebook group - Only In Malaysia

 Content of the police report as below (written in Malay):


Disalin dari kertas putih pengagu.
Pada 12/08/2010 jam lebih kurang 7.45 pagi semasa perhimpunan pagi sempena majlis pelancaran Bulan Kemerdekaan di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Kulai. Puan Pengetua, Puan Hajah Siti Insyak BTE Mansor telah memberi ucapan. Beliau menekan masalah disiplin pelajar. Sekiranya tidak puas hati, pelajar Cina disuruh balik ke Beijing, China atau pun Sekolah Foon Yew. Beliau mengatakan pelajar-pelajar Cina tidak diperlukan. Bagi pelajar India, tali sembahyang yang diikat di pergelangan tangan dan leher pelarjar India, ia nampak seakan anjing dan beliau mengatakan hanya anjing akan mengikat seperti itu

Beliau memberi contoh yang beliau memiliki satu kereta Proton Saga dan menumpangkan 2 orang individu iaitu Munusamy dan Chong. Munusamy dan Chong merupakan penumpang sahaja. Mereka tidak boleh menuntut hak ke atas kereta tersebut. Ini sama seperti Malaysia di mana pelajar-pelajar bukan Melayu adalah penumpang

Dalam konsep 1 Malaysia, 70% hak diberikan kepada warga bukan Melayu, 30% kepada warga Melayu. Jika ia merupakan beliau, beliau hanya berikan 30% kepada warga bukan Melayu dan 70% kepada warga Melayu. Beliau juga menekankan Artikal 15 di mana hak-hak orang Melayu merupakan istimewa dan perlu dipertahankan. Di sekolah lama beliau iaitu SMK Kelapa Sawait, beliau telah memanggil pelajar-pelajar dan guru-guru India yang gelap Nigerians

Juga ada dua lagi kejadian di mana beliau telah menyuruh pelajar-pelajar India yang mengikat tali sembahyang memotong tali tersebut. Satu lagi beliau juga telah membuang buku-buku rujukan pelajar bukan Melayu ke atas bumbung sekolah. Selepas selesai perhimpunan, beberapa pelajar Melayu telah memanggil pelajar bukan Melayu sebagai penupang

Sekian laporan saya.

Does she fit to be a principal? Does she fit to be a educator? Does she fit to be a Malaysian? I don't know, but I definitely know she fits perfectly well to be detained under ISA (Internal Security Act). If she doesn't, we know who should we vote for in the next general election. Salam 1 Malaysia.

Steven's Corner's Public Relations Rescue Mission - "We are innocent!"

Apparently the incident where Steven's Corner Big Boss beat his old neighbour without mercy and reason has affected its business badly.

Big Boss decided that he must do something to fix things up, so he called up all his mafiosi for a meeting. After consulted his consigliere, they have decided to use the most sophisticated Public Relations techniques and advanced information technology (Facebook) to prove their innocence!

Eventually, Steven's Corner found a witness who can prove its innocence. Big Boss is totally not a violent hooligan, he was provoked by the disrespectful old man, Lim!

We were totally blindfolded by Lim the Old Man, and alleged Steven's Corner with all sort of bad and mean crimes.

Sorry Steven's Corner, our bad!

67 year-old Man Beat the Shit Out of Nigga

Steven's Corner owner would probably got beaten up, only if Lim (old man who was beaten up by Steven's Corner hooligan or gangster) was as good as the 67 year-old white man who beat the shit out of the young nigga who provoked him in the first place by punching the old man. Eventually, old man got mad and threw several powerful and fast punches back to the nigga, and did some damages to him.

Old man is now known as The Vietnam Tom, apparently served some of his old times in Vietnam War and got his killing skills sharpen.

Check the video and interview below to see for yourself. 

I personally think that the name Spartan Tom would be nice too. 

Don't mess with old man.

My Traffic Increased From 30 to 3000

My traffic has shot up by 9,900% this week, from 30 to approximately 3000 unique visitors per day at peak.

click to enlarge

Frankly speaking, I have no idea how it happened, but it just did. Hopefully traffic could be maintained because there are too much things I would like to share.

Steven's Corner is a big big Scammer

I believe most of you read the previous post about Steven's Corner owner got "arrested" for bashing a 64 years old man who removed Steven's Corner (SC) tables and chairs that blocked his storefront.

It turned out to be, Steven's Corner is not only a hotbed of gangsterism, corruption, bribery, but also scam and fraud.

Steven's Tea Garden (STG), a proven scam, carried the name of Steven's Corner in conducting its Ponzi scheme.

I read this news long time ago in a Chinese newspaper but it was difficult to get the news on internet so I did some researches and got some vital information that will be able to prove Steven's Corner is a big liar.

These are some of the sources:
1. http://thestar.com.my/metro/story.asp?file=/2010/1/9/central/5409717&sec=central
2. http://stevensteagarden.blogspot.com/
3. http://stevensteagardencafe.blogspot.com/
4. http://kualalumpurcity.olx.com.my/steven-s-tea-garden-eat-and-earn-plan-by-steven-s-corner-kl-iid-16163872
5. http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/724233

Steven's Corner claimed no affiliation with STG Resources Snd Bhd, which had come up with the Steven's Tea Garden Scheme, and also emphasized that STG was not under its management.

What do you think? 

Old Man got beaten up by Steven's Corner Owner

This is a true incident, not making up story.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=193647&id=714713358

I'm going to translate to you what the victim family's member said.

Old man who is turning 70.

Steven's Corner in Overseas Union Garden (OUG) Old Klang Road (click for location) is just beside our warehouse. Every evening, they (refers to Steven's Corner) will arranged 3 tables and chairs in front of our warehouse. We (refers to the victim's family) told them before that we are not closed yet, they are obstructing our loading and unloading works. But they ignore us. Sometimes, we have to ask for their permission before we remove their tables and chairs. 

Around 8pm last night (refers to the night that incident happened), my father-in-law (the old man) wanted to load some inventories like usual. And as usual, tables and chairs were put at the front of the warehouse, and there were diners occupied the seats. My father-in-law asked these diners to switch to other tables, so that he can load the inventories. 

However, Steven's Corner "Big Boss" saw this and approached my father-in-law, questioned the old man why he removed these tables and chairs. My father-in-law took 3 punches unable to defend himself. The workers along with the old man immediately informed Say Kek (refers to the writer's husband, I guess..) and my brother-in-law.

Upon their arrival, they saw their father fallen on ground. How can an old man ages 60 somethings can endure the impact of the punches? The hooligan (refers to Steven's Corner owner) threatened to kill them, with a cleaver (kitchen knife) holding in his hand. Luckily people who work in Steven's Corner held the hooligan back before anything worse could happen. 

A Chinese man with spectacles arrived and said:"I'm the one who look after this place, what are you doing here!?" Haha, could you believe that even a mamak stall needs protection! The Big Boss Hooligan (it's written here, I just translate) warned us, they would not be imitated or scared even if we call police, but we have to be careful, maybe he will burn down our shop. What the world has become? Has the road become Jalan Steven's Corner?!

Police and YB Teresa Kok arrived shortly. Kok was informed with the story, my father-in-law was sent to Hospital Universiti Malaya while the attacker (Steven's Corner owner) was detained. Kok left her subordinate with us and went to a meeting herself. The police on duty did not leave, maybe they were expecting media and press, otherwise they must be long gone. I reckon if Kok was not there, the police will most probably let the hooligan go. Steven's Corner is installed with CCTV, the police can check the video recorded for the whole incident, but they did not do so.

On the other hand, my father-in-law arrived in UMMC (University Malaya Medical Centre) around 9pm, and finished his body checkup around 1pm. I have to "salute" the hospital for its efficiency! After the body checkup, we went to police station to lodge report. The Chinese man with spec was already there. I felt happy for a second because I really thought the hooligan was detained. We realized that the four-eyes (refers to the Chinese man with spec) knows the polices on duty very well. 

While my father-in-law was lodging report, we discovered that the hooligan was in a waiting room! I thought he was supposed to be in "lokup"? Why he was sitting there like nothing happened? The waiting room has air-con, tv, sofa.. and he can still make phone calls! What is wrong with this world?!

Steve's Corner boss was using his cellphone during his detention. 

The police officer asked my father-in-law to go into the waiting room. It turned out to be our judicious police asked my old and beaten up father-in-law to agree on a conciliation! What the hell! Is money really everything? Is there not more justice? Being attacked and we should act like nothing has happened? My father-in-law of cause left the room without second thought. 

Today, YB Teresa Kok arranged a press conference, urging the police force to not connive violence, and demanding for justice, hoping someone can stop this criminal from becoming worse. My father-in-law is a highly respected person in OUG! He is not only the member of BOD of SJK(C) Yoke Nam, he also owes a ceramic business, and actively participating in social activities. 

The news will be on newspaper for tonight and tomorrow. I hope we can all unite and boycott Steven's Corner!!!

Steven's Corner, we have the right to say "No" to these kind of unethical people by rejecting their business.

How to be Liked by Everyone?

People want to be liked naturally. We don't have to be popular, but certainly want to be accepted as part of groups.

There are millions of people asking the same question.

Is it possible to be like by everyone?
I would say yes, but apparently it's tougher than Mission Impossible. There are people who just dislike us and what we do, like not everyone will be pleased by Transformer 3, some love it but certain people just want to stick with their moronic Taiwanese idol dramas (You can see I hate these idol dramas when I use the adjective of moronic to describe it.)

Sometimes we just have to accept the fact that life doesn't always go the way we want it to. People do make mistake, no one is perfect, and sometimes being prefect is a flaw itself.

It's ok if people misunderstand us, as long as we know that we are not what they think.  If it's possible, find out the reason why people dislike us and improve, but if we think the reason is not valid, just ignore it because some people just cannot give constructive feedback. If we make mistake, don't be shamed to apologize. Some people do hold grudge, we may want to stay away from these people.

My advise: Think of the people that like us instead of focus on the small bunch of people that dislike us.

"Hate" Button on Facebook

I assume all of you know about Facebook and if you have a Facebook account, I assume you know what is a "Like" button. "Like" button is for you to click on it to show that you like something, for example if your slutty net friend updates her relationship status to "Single", you can click on "Like" since she is once again available in your potential-get-laid-prospect list.

I'm sure you liked something on Facebook before, whether it's a status or Nike's Make-You-Freekick-Like-Beckham football boots, maybe McDonald new Dead-Horse-Mixed-Dead-Chicken Burger. So don't tell me you never "Like" before, I'll say BULLSHIT. Just for your information, you can like it on Facebook as well.

Just in case you really don't know

Here comes the question: If we have "Like". Where is the "Hate"? I like a lot of things, and I'm certainly hate or dislike a lot of things as well. I hate when a pretty girl got into a relationship with a big fat ugly fuck, but just when I'm about to show my hatred, I realized there is no fucking "Hate"! 

So I decided to make my own, so that I could hate those emo statuses like 
I'm so lonely, no one understand me or  
Why do you treat me so bad when I love you so much! or this,  
Happy Mother's Day to my mum, I love you forever! 
For fuck sake, your mum is not even on Facebook.

"Hate" Button

If there is a "Hate" button, I will not be surprised if people use it more often than "Like". There are just so much things that I hate.

Nonetheless, do like my page. Simply click on the like button, or you can find me on Facebook.

KTM - Money Sucker!

I wrote about KTM before and I would like to write again, because it only get worse rather than improve.

 old train, old railway, old town, everything is just so fucking old!

I have accepted the facts that KTM's Intercity Shuttle Train Service between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh is slow, noisy, uncomfortable, expensive and dirty. I have also proved that it's online reservation system doesn't work, you can try it if you don't believe, here is the page.

Today, I found out that KTM's customer service's feedback system is not working as well. I tried using different browsers just in case it doesn't support but sadly, it just does not work.I guess it's a way to avoid complaint.

Nonetheless, those mentioned earlier are not really the issue. I can bare with poor customer service, I accept poor punctuality since we are in Malaysia, I take its useless online system as a joke. In fact, I think its website is uglier than my blog.

But this time it has gone way too far. It has canceled two stops at Sungai Buloh and Kepong Sentral for intercity shuttle train service KL-Ipoh.

I don't understand the why would it canceled the two stops since many people are boarding and even stopping at these stations. I am also one of the victims and I believe the cancellation has affected many other students and passengers. Now we have to stop at Rawang or KL Sentral and buy another ticket to go back to the station that we passed in the shuttle train.

Don't understand what I said? Never mind, see the diagram below.

Now KTM will not stop at Kepong Sentral and Sg.Buloh, which means it can earn more money by making us to buy another ticket to go back to where we want to be. For my case, I'll have to pay another RM1.60 to go back to Kepong from KL Sentral. What a good money-making strategy. But its strategy costs us not only money, but time as well! Now I have to travel an hour longer and earlier!
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