She has The Messiest Rooms In Malaysia

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Spider Eats Spider

I was cleaning my room when i discover this 8 legs living creature.
It isn't the normal spider you would see at home, and it isn't tarantula that you can easily find in exotic pet shop neither.

The reason I calling it a living creature is because it doesn't belong to the class of insect and I don't know whether it's classified as animal or what. But what I can say is, it's definitely more scary in reality than you looking at the pictures. The reason is simple, because I don't know whether it's poisonous or not!

I capture it in a transparent plastic box, driven by great curiosity to understand it. I even put small insects into the box, with the expectation to see how it hunts for food! It moves really fast when hunting and it doesn't move at all when it doesn't have victim to attack.

this is how the spider looks like.

it's as big as 50 cents coin.

this is how spider rests. it will keep its legs close to the body.

I was wondering if there is another spider in the box, will they attack each other to defend their territory?
As curiosity escalated, I captured another spider to put inside the box.
This spider is very commonly found in houses. It makes web to trap its victims and it has very long and fragile legs. Look carefully at its body, you can see many tiny balls stick on it. Those are probably the spider's eggs.

the victim

the next day.......

the survivor

Obviously, the long legs spider had been defeated and the fitter one has claimed its reward! It's easy to say when you do not know. Observing this spider has given me an important and clear message:

The Survival of The Fittest

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