Unprofessional Doctor

I suffered of serious ulceration and it caused sore throat and swollen tongue. I felt only pain when I eat and bitter when I drink. In fact, this is the worst ulceration I ever get.

So I decided to go for medical consultation at government clinic. Thanks to my friend who is kind enough to send me. We reached the clinic about 10am this morning and registration took about 20 minutes. It's understandable if public service is slower than private one, so we waited patiently.

While waiting for my turn to see doctor, I noticed an extraordinary phenomenon. Let picture explains the story.

Pak Lah still the Prime Minister

I wonder if the clinic staffs are too loyal to Pak Lah or they are so outdated that they don't even notice that the outside world has already changed the prime minister?

When I went into the room, the doctor asked what's wrong with me. I cannot speak, so my friend spoke to him on behalf of me. He told the doctor I have serious sorethroat, and I feel pain even if i speak. Then the doctor checked my mouth, and my temperature. He even checked my pulse with a very traditional-chinese-medicical-hall-way by using only fingers to feel my pulse instead of stethoscope.

Then he kept quiet and started to write, putting his head on his arms like a bored school boy forced to do his homework.

Then he gave me the medical perscription and asked me to claim my medicine. Surprisingly, he gave me cough syrup! What the fuck? My friend and I had a shock because I didn't cough, I have serious ulceration, and isn't it he supposed to give me something that can serve as pain-relief, and something that kill bacteria? Then the pharmacist asked me to go consult the doctor once more, and so I did.

We went into the room again and he just changed the perscription straightly after we told him that I have ulcer. What the fuck? Where is his professionalism? Does he even give a fuck about his patients?

Please Don't Be AN Irresponsible Driver

My friends and I decided to have Bak-Kut-Teh as dinner last night. While we were eating, we suddenly heard a big bang. Then we went out and checked out what is going on.

A female motorcyclist was lying on the road, and a man immediately dragged her to the road side. What really pissing me off is that the driver who hit the motorcyclist escaped from the scene immediately. No one noticed that until the man who helped the girl shouted:

" Pergi kejar! Cina tu dah lari! Pergi kejar lah Pukimak!!" 

Then another motorcyclist immediately got on his motorbike and went after the hit-and-run driver. After awhile, the motorcyclist came back successfully identified the car plat number.

Luckily the girl is not seriously injured, she was still conscious and her hands were bleeding. She was still concerning about her motorbike, I guess she isn't one of the rich Datuks' daughter. How pitiful is that, she can't afford to lose her motorbike, it might be the only transportation she has to go work and travel. The driver is a throughout bastard! How can you hit and run without even care about the life and death of the victim who you hit with your car? Irresponsible and selfish fucker! I hope you will get into jail in no time.

Once again I would like to beg for all drivers to have mercy, please don't be such a motherfucker who risks motorcyclists' life with your reckless driving. Not all the motorcyclists are Road Gangsters or snatch thefts, they are someone's father or mother, brother or sister, son or daughter. If you ignore others' safety on the road, all these shits will eventually come back to you, or people you treasure the most.

What goes around, comes around.   

The Best Documentary Ever: Insect Movie

I watched a documentary named MicroCosmos last night. It basically shows the world of small insects, free from human and pollution.

And it's a very good documentary! I guarantee you many weird and unknown insects you will see, as well as their funny behaviours and lifestyle.

a ladybird drinking water

mating snails

Watching these insects reminds me of human. Insects and human are pretty much the same. We both work hard to build shelter, find food, fight off enemy, protect family, communicate, mate and even face natural disasters. But if we are so much similar with each other, then why we human think we are superior, the most special, and greatest creature in the universe?

What is their purpose of life? And what if our purpose of life? Is it possible there is another greater creature than us, and when they see us, it's exactly like how we see insects?

if you are interested, you may watch it on PPStream, copy these 小宇宙 (微观世界) and search it.

Back to Campus

Holidays finally end and I have came back to campus for my Year 2 Semester 3.

This sem I'm having 5 subjects, and we call it theory paper, because the subjects are involving a lot of theories and more theories. Which means a lot of memorizing activities will take place in the next 14 weeks. Study is never a easy and pleasant task.

Nevertheless, life has to go on and I have to finish my study in another one and a half years. Enjoy our campus life to the fullest for all my friends who is studying in college or university.

My Final Exam Result Released

My final exam result was released, but thanks to the crowd who was rushing into the portal to check their result, the fucking UTAR portal was down last night shortly after the news was released. So, I only managed to check my result today.

Goddamn it, I only got 2 Bs. I was expecting at least 1 A, but instead I got this. Anyway, CGPA did increase a little bit. Appreciate that.

My 1st Nuffnang Pay Cheque

I have joined Nuffnang for quite sometime, and finally I got my 1st cheque! The figure is not high. Nevertheless, it is a good start.

Because the figure is low, I'm not going to display it here lol.



Today is the first day of the new year ; a brand new chapter in life.

2009 year wasn't a very good year to everyone I guess, all the H1N1 and ecomomic crisis have hit us so hard. Nevertheless, we have given all we got to weather the storm. Hopefully the world economic will be rise again.

I personally did not achieve much in 2009, or should I say that I did not really have a plan for 2009. So this year, I'm going to do something different, at least for me it is something different from the past. I'm going to set a series of goals that I'm going to achieve in 2010.

  1. swim like a pro
  2. get in shape
  3. pull up my CGPA pointer
  4. read more books
These are the 4 main items on my list and also the things that I'm going to achieve. Accomplishment is confirmed and I'm feeling extremely confident to declare this.
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