How KTM Berhad Ticket Reservation System Works?

I had faith in GLC (Government-Linked Company).
I always hope GLC can improve and provide quality services to benefit public. However, it ended up with disappointment when I tried KTM Berhad new features.

  1. Ticket Booking via SMS
  2. Online Ticket Booking

New feature is supposedly to ease customers, but it does not perform its duties well. It's useless and I will not use the feature again, unless KTM fixes it.
First, I went to KTMB official website, it took me about 5 minutes just to load the page. Maybe my internet speed is slow, blame it to TM Net, another GLC.

Then I saw the E-Ticket System page, I sign up and login into the system. After that, I navigated to this page.

New Reservation

I filled in every particular except for the Return section, and I thought I will get my reservation after I confirmed the request. But no, I cannot request for reservation unless I request for a return ticket. But I don't want a return ticket!

What the hell?

So, I existed the page and thought to try another way of reservation, via SMS (Short Message Service).
I searched for 'KTM ticket-booking via SMS' with Google, and suprizingly, KTMB official website was not in the result. I opened a few pages and tried to see whether they contain information that I was looking for and I found this:

I followed the instruction on the flyer, it's very confusing and complicated I must say. The best part is, when I sent the message out, I got a message from DIGI said that the system was busy, asked me to try again later.

What the fuck?

Bad Service! Rated no star out of 5 stars!  
KTM for Discomfort, Inconvenience, Slowness

Tun Mahathir is Not Dictator, So He Said


1. I would like to thank everyone for their comments on the above. I appreciate very much the positive comments and I accept the negative ones also. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. But some of the wrongdoings attributed to me are just not true or correct.

2. We see what we want to see. Everyone is like that. So do I. But I try my best to be factual.

3. My greatest mistake is in the choice of people. I seem to be picking the wrong people all the time. They not only did not live up to my expectations but they went all out to do all the wrong things, including abusing me.

4. I accept the blame for making wrong choices. But they were all so good before they were chosen.

5. Anwar was pious and holy almost. Before I admitted him into Umno no one told me of his peculiar inclinations.

6. The other one was known as Mr. Clean. Well he and his family certainly did a lot of cleaning.

7. Awarding privatization at inflated prices! Well the contract to double track and electrify the railways from Johore Baru to Padang Besar was for RM14 billion (including the spur line to KL). It was canceled by Abdullah.

8. Then it was found necessary to double track and electrify from Ipoh to Padang Besar. I understand the price is RM12 billion. Work out the new cost if we build up to Johore Baru.

9. Putrajaya and Cyberjaya - bought by the acres. Putrajaya, 10,000 acres for RM700 million or approximately RM17,500 per acre or RM0.43 per square foot.

10. Today average price of Putrajaya land per square foot is RM130.00.

11. Bailout happens when a business receives injection of capital to get over a financial crisis.

12. Selling a business at below cost is not a bailout. It is called a fire-sale. That was what my son had to do. Petronas subsequently sold ¾ of the fleet for more than what it paid for the whole fleet when the market was good.

13. Ekonomi Malaysia berkembang pada kadar 8.5% dari 1987 dan bukannya 10% dari 1991. Mula merosot pada 1997 di waktu Anwar sebagai Menteri Kewangan melaksana "ubat" IMF tanpa IMF. Memang Anwar ditangkap semasa krisis hampir berakhir. Kerana kegagalannya MTEN ditubuh untuk ambil alih tugas memulih semula kewangan dan ekonomi Negara, jauh sebelum dia ditangkap.

14. Sila semak SEJARAH dalam laporan akhbar dalam dan luar negeri.

15. Thank you for agreeing that I am a dictator. Tell me which dictator ever resign.

16. Terima kasih kerana membaca blog saya.

Above are quoted from


I update myself with our (Malaysia) ex (4th) Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's weblog frequently, and this is the first time I sense his unhappiness, very unhappy indeed. Read the sentence no.1, 2 and 3. Our beloved ex-PM is a normal human being, and human makes mistake sometime. It's unavoidable. The good thing is, he is always a humble and open-minded person, he takes negative comments but not only the good ones.

The matter of fact, Dr. Mahathir cannot be ordinary. He is so brilliant and intelligent, that we should respect and worship him as a St. Mahathir! or the savior of Malaysia! 

And then please read sentence no. 6. I never knew he has such a great sense of humor, and this is a really important quality that every politician should have. No wonder he has been nominated as one of the 3 most powerful politicians in South East Asia (the other two are Lee Kuan Yew and Suharto). I call they The Three Foxes of SEA, because fox symbolizes wisdom and intelligence.

He is never a dictator! He only held the position of Prime Minister for 25 years; it's only quater of century! And he only fired 3 Deputy Prime Ministers (Tun Musa Hitam, Tun Ghafar Baba and Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim); look at Donald Trump, he fires people every episode but no one ever make a sound! Finally he had chosen the best of the best, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (aka Pak Lah), for the sake of the greater good of Malaysia! So it's unfair to call Tun. Mahathir a dictator, because he did us all the best and we should not name him all the worst.

He wasn't sleeping, he was thinking.

I'm very upset to see naive people who commented negatively in His blog. He is never wrong.
We are wrong, because we are not wise enough to understand him.

My Google AdSense Account is Banned... Forever...

Embarrassingly to say, but my Google AdSense account has been banned. My account was disabled for invalid click activity, Google had detected me clicking on my own ads. I tried to appeal and my appeal was denied.

Losing Google AdSense is really a loss, because it pays bloggers the most compared to other blog advertising networks such as Nuffnang and Advertlets. After all, Google pays in US Dollar, while Nuffnang and Advertlets are paying bloggers with RM (Ringgit Malaysia). Therefore, I'm here to give you guys an advice, you are not going to give up Google AdSense by violating its rules like me, it's pure stupidity.

Frankly speaking, I'm not a pro-blogger, who makes few thousands dollars per month from blog advertising, and I make not even a few hundreds so far. Nevertheless, I am always looking forward to use blog as a money-making tool, even though I have low traffic and low page rank (but I'm putting efforts on it).

After blogging for 2 years or even longer, I've finally realized the meaning of "Content is King". Nothing beat the great contents. If you want to generate more traffic into your blog, plan your contents well.

Meanwhile, some hot amateur bloggers are still managed to attract readers by showing off their huge melons and nice bodies. I personally think this is a very good idea, why don't utilize your assets while it can bring you some fortunes? But, blessed women equipped with great boobs and hot asses are somehow exotic, how many people can attract readers in this way? And how long your body will entertain and satisfy your readers?

Can A Snake Swallow A Penis?

I adopted a bronzeback from a friend. According to him, the snake will eat lizard and small frog for living. When he said small, I was thinking small, a very properly small, something looks
like this >>>>>>>>> @~ (symbol of tabpole)

I was supposedly feed it last Friday, I followed my friend's advice, and I went to some fishing shops and asked for small frog. In fact, i did find frogs, a full tank of frogs. However, they did not meet my definition of SMALL, because they all are even bigger than a 50 cents coin.

I struggled and I was thinking of giving up the snake and release it back to nature. But then, another friend gave me a 'better' idea; catch lizard or gecko to for the snake's diet.

I asked him: How to catch a lizard? They move too quick!

He answered: Use a broom or stick, sweep them onto floor and catch. Be creative!

Yes, I did try and I failed, they just move too fast. And then I decided to give an one last shoot on the frog. If the frog is too big, then it's time to say goodbye. I bought a frog for 30 cents and the shopkeeper was looking at me with a curious face and she asked: Only one ah??
Frankly speaking, I felt quite embarrassed at that particular time. Can't blame her, who will ever expect a young fella comes into their shop, only to buy a frog? I guess, she must be thought that I was making fool of her.

Finish the post, you will find the name
Greedy Bastard
is reasonable.

The Frog, aka The Unfortunate One.

Greedy Bastard moved faster than the speed of light
and it got The Frog.

The Frog was totally domed and it cannot move at all.

Greedy Bastard started to think: How am I going to swallow it?

Oh ya, start from the head!

Greedy Bastard opened its mouth as big as possible.
I beg it can even swallow a cock.

half body remained

legs now

Greedy Bastard left the legs as desert.

I was surprised by the elasticity of the snake, but its greed impressed me even more! I never thought of that, a snake is able to eat something that is few times bigger than its mouth! Right after I took all these pictures, I Google-ed a question: Idiom to describe a greedy person. However, the result shows: As greedy as a pig.

I'm disagree with the idiom! I think the person who came out with the idiom must have never seen a snake eating before! Eventually I decided boycott the idiom for the rest of my life, not until they change it to

As Greedy as A Snake

My dump girlfriend said it's cruel to feed the snake with frog. She asked me to feed the snake with vegetable, kangkung (water spinach). The funny thing is, she does not know that snakes do not eat vegetable, because they are carnivore.

Jay Chou Eats Sand T.T

I just found this new song of Jay Chou 周杰伦 featuring Cindy Yen 袁咏琳 on YouTube. I'm so sad to say this, but Jay Chou is really getting sucky nowadays. And who the hell is this Cindy Yen? She popped out from nowhere and now she is like the hottest Jay Girl?

I'm always a fan of Jay, but his songs really are getting worse and worse!
Don't believe me, you can listen to his

Love Before BC 爱在西元前 or

Iron Box of Peninsula 半岛铁盒 and compare with this

Sand Painting 画沙!

Seriously, if Jay is not going to improve his songs, he is going to eat sand sooner or later.

Something that is even more fragile than glass

I learned a valuable lesson of life 2 days before. The incident that took away 3 lives has left a great impact, in me, as well as other Utarians. We always read news about fatal accidents, but we never been so close to it and we never understood the vulnerability of life. We were so young, we dreamed, we played, we worked hard, for our future, but..

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward.

quoted from Rocky Balboa the Italian Stallion

Only when you feel pain, you understand pain.

Life is fragile, and it's even more vulnerable than glass.

We, human are nothing great at all. The forces of nature is far beyond our knowledge and prediction. Everyday, people live, and people die. People born as a nobody, people die as a somebody. When we die, we leave pain to our family, lover, and friends.

Sometime, I wonder. It's the pain, the pain of losing an important person in life. Or the pain, it's because death remind us of our mortality.

Some people live to die and some people die to live.
But, what is the truth about life?

When we die, we leave nothing but pain and memory, nothing else. And nothing else is significant anymore.

UTARIAN swept-away bodies are found

As my expectation, they were gone.

The bodies of 3 victims, who brought away by the strong current were found last night. James Khor Wan Kai was found at 10.20pm while the girl, Kelly Yew Shy Gin was found at 11.10pm. And the last corpse,belongs to Yew Ghim Chnieh was discovered 500 feet from the incident scene at 12.00am

Yew Ghim Chnieh in his secondary school uniform, 1 good looking dude

I went to the police investigation site last night, with the hope that seeing their bodies in good condition. However, I did not see them, because 2 of them were already moved to hospital and 1 was till missing.

There were approximately 100 people, most of them were locals who were gather around to fulfill their own curiosity, instead of give a helping hand to the search. But they are not to be blamed, because it was late at night, only people who familiar with the jungle, as well as professional should take action.

Anyway, the accident has happened, and we cannot press Ctrl + Z to undo it. But I really hope, the incident will serve as a lesson, a warning as well as a reminder for people who want to go to waterfall.


for more information


UTARIAN current-swept-away Identities Confirmed

The missing are James Wan Kai Khor, 20, from Penang, Yew Ghin Chnieh, 20, from Penang and Yew Shy Gin, 19, from Kedah, said Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon State Health, Local Government, Consumer, Environment, Transport and Non-Islamic Affairs Committee head.

Dr Mah said he had spoken to a fourth student who told him that the three boys and a girl had gone to the waterfalls at about 5pm. The three missing went into the water first.

The fourth student, a male, was about to enter the water when a strong gush of water tumbled him in. As he struggled to scramble out, he suffered cuts and bruises.

Fortunately, a Kampar resident rushed over, pulled him out and took him to the Kampar police station to lodge a report.

According to Dr Mah, the 22-year-old second year Accountancy student from Kuala Lumpur declined to be named and did not wish to speak to reporters.

quoted from The Star Online

Kelly Yew Shy Gin

James Wan Kai Khor and his blog

I saw them! I can't believe that I saw them when I was leaving but I did not stop them from going into the water! They were sitting and waiting for the rain to stop in a dark color jeep, either dark green or grey, I'm not sure.

The driver was reaching out his hand outside the window to see whether it's still raining. While the one who was sitting beside, is the girl. They were talking to each other happily, and I can see the girl was smiling.

I should have warn them and ask them to leave. If I did, the tragedy might not happen.

UTARIAN swept away by current, Presumed Dead


Please leave water immediately when the rain hits you, when you are in waterfall!

Unless you are willing to risk your friends, your family, your partner and your very own life!

I was there, at the Batu Berangkai waterfall this afternoon. Approximately 4.00pm, I received a call from my friends, asked me to join them to have some chill-out in waterfall. The idea was actually already there before they call, so immediately I took a towel and left to meet them.

Hot weather in Kampar makes Batu Berangkai waterfall a place that I go very often. But frankly speaking, I'm not very familiar with it because I do not know how to swim. I wouldn't risk my life to go into deep water at the top of waterfall (the deepest area is approximately 10-15 feet) and you, should not do it neither!

While we were having fun, the rain was started to drop down. There were many other people, some familiar faces, local. They were all getting out of the water and left, of cause, including us. We waited under a shelter for the rain to stop, and about 5.30pm we left.

After that, the tragedy happened...

Batu Berangkai Waterfall


3 Utar students feared drowned at Kampar waterfalls (Update)

IPOH: Three Tunku Abdul Rahman University (Utar) students are missing and feared to have drowned after they were swept away at the waterfalls at Batu Berangkai picnic area in Kampar about 5.30pm Sunday.

Police said that three boys and girl were swimming when a sudden gush of water swept three of them away.

A fourth boy who waas with them but was not swimming ran to the Kampar police station to ask for help.

Police alerted the search and rescue team at 5.45pm.

More to come

quoted from The Star Online


I received the news after I reached home. The tragedy happened right after we left.
I feel lucky for escaped from the tragedy but at the same time I feel sad for the 3 victims. If I were there, maybe, just maybe, I could stop them to go back into the water.

Swept away by such a strong current, I wanted to tell you that they can survive, but this ain't fairytale. They are most probably gone.

Please, think twice before you put your life on edge.

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