WikiLeaks Triggered Mid East's Revolution?

Most of you might have already heard of the success of Egyptian's revolution cracking down the Mubarak's 30-years dictatorship, but did you know what triggered the massive public outcry?

The spark of reformation fire was first lit up in Tunisia, after WikiLeaks, a international whistler-blower site, disclosed information about the exploitation of Tunisian people by the controlling regime. Tunisia's revolution successfully defeated the regime of its former dictator,  Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The success story then spread like wild fire and inspired Egyptian to go up to street, to demand for democracy (Egypt's revolution).

Now the idea and desire for reformation has influenced Libya's people to act as well. The international crude oil price has gone up dramatically since demonstration erupted, the hike is anticipated to continue as Libya is one of the largest oil production countries and most of its supplies go to Europe. Libyan protestants have been oppressed with violence and the nation is currently on chaos. The fate of Libyan is very uncertain. May God bless Libyan.

Protests and demonstrations are going on in other mid-east countries as well but at a smaller scale, the question is, will the trend continue? If yes, what is the magnitude of the revolution? Nevertheless, this serves as a warning to all governments.

WikiLeaks has been viewed as the 'public enemy' by many governments, especially the powerful ones, for making them losing controls over their people. But we need WikiLeaks because it provides truths, we need truths and truths are not prevalent, it takes sacrifices and courages to disclose truths, and support from people to protect the right to know truths.

WikiLeaks's twitterfacebook, and official website

Thank You, Mr. Police.

Last week my place had been broken in. I have lost my laptop, valuables, and a lot of important information and data.

So my housemates reported to police immediately after he returned home from campus and found out the burglary.

Officers on duty were very helpful and easy to talk to. They took about 1 hour to record a statement about 5-lines long.

Afterward, they went to our place to investigate further. They told us how the burglar broke in and how dangerous is the area we stayed at. According to them, the particular area is burglary hot-spot, many cases have been reported.

I would like to say thank you to all these police officers for being so informative after my house had been broken in. I would appreciate that even more if it's before the burglary and I would thank they a million times if they are willing to patrol more frequently.

Anyway, I wouldn't be able to update so often until I get myself a new laptop.

The Price of Malaysia's Racism

Nothing much to say, just read this if you haven't read:
The Price of Malaysia's Racism
by John R. Malott, U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia, 1995-1998

Expectedly, Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali opens his mouth and talks cock again.

Don't Worry. Everything OK! (Repost)

The Star today has lots of stories of how Malaysian students have been evacuated from Cairo in the face of all the protests and violence in the Egyptian capital. 

Evacuation of Malaysians from strife-torn country proceeds smoothly.

Students home safely at last.

Malaysians to be out by Monday

Don't politicize evacuation delay says Muhyiddin.

And so, in Bolehland our government wants you to believe that everything is A-Ok!

Okay, now sit down, take a deep breath and read this account of one Malaysian family's experience with Malaysian efficiency in a crisis situation...


Stuck in Cairo, with NO help from the M'sian govt
OK, so my bro and his wife and 3 kids went to Cairo last week for a long-awaited holiday. They had a great time the first few days. Then, on Friday 28th Jan, the whole city 'blew' up. Their Egyptian guide (a Coptic Christian), and the Egyptian hotel staff were incredibly helpful to all of them. Their guide, who had taken them out sight-seeing that morning, KNEW that the situation was going to blow up after the Friday noon prayers, so he made sure he had them back at the hotel by then. The staff at the hotel kept the hotel doors locked, and made sure all their guests were safe.

THEN the "fun" started. No internet (since the Egyptian govt took the whole country off the internet), so my bro tried to call the embassy to find out what was happening - three days of calling, and the phone never got picked up! Very helpful... NOT!!! When they eventually managed to get through on Monday, they asked what the situation at the airport was like, as they were supposed to fly out on Monday night, at 00:15 hours (ie, early Tuesday 1st Feb morning). So, guess what the so-called situation room tells them? "Don't know. When you get to the airport and find out the situation, you call us."... !!!! I mean..... WHAT? What can anyone say to such idiocy? So, as you can see, the situation room had ZERO handle on the situation!

Their wonderful EGYPTIAN guide made sure he picked them up early on Monday and took them to the airport - it should have been just a 1 hour journey, but took far longer than that due to the riots and the craziness! They get to the airport and the guide stays with them, to help them try and get checked into their flights, etc. And the airport was an absolute mad-house. ALL Egypt Air flights were cancelled - and, unfortunately, it meant that their M'sian airlines flight, code share with Egypt Air, was also cancelled!! My bro kept trying to call the Embassy, and the phone was either NEVER picked up, or was engaged. OK, so, forget any possible help from that side. Totally, absolutely, USELESS!! Mind you, all other airlines, apart from EgyptAir, were still flying though with major re-scheduling, and the governments of other countries (US, UK, India, China, Japan, NZ, the Arab countries, EVEN CROATIA) were sending in planes to get their people out of Cairo. But, as of yesterday, no news from our "action-oriented, on the ball" govt about sending in planes to get OUR citizens out of the country! And TODAY they start sending planes? TODAY? What the hell took them so long? Question about LANDING RIGHTS? Hello, how come the OTHER countries did not have that problem? Only Malaysia?????

Embassy personnel from other countries, with jackets emblazoned with their country names, were going round and round the airport, trying to find their citizens... they even approached my bro and his family to see if they needed help..... and where were the so-called "People First, Performance Now" M'sian embassy personnel???? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!! Not hide, nor hair. 

Malaysian students, including lone female students, with no money, no food, no tickets, no nothing, stuck in the airport, not knowing what to do!! At least my bro and his family had the means (and the credit card availability) to get themselves on another flight (Emirates, to Dubai) out of Egypt late on Monday night/Tuesday morning... but what about those who had nothing? Where were our "caring" Embassy personnel? NOWHERE IN SIGHT! Not hide, not hair.

Oh, side story... when my bro called to tell me that their flight out of Cairo was cancelled, I called MAS here in KL, and they tell me the flight is leaving as scheduled!! Obviously news of the rioting, and the Egypt Air flight cancellation did not seep into MAS consciousness!! And they obviously never watched the news! When I told them that my brother and his family are IN CAIRO, and have been TOLD FIRST HAND that the flight is cancelled, the staff here are still insisting that the flight is leaving as scheduled. I mean, don't get me wrong - I absolutely LOVE MAS flight crew - but, MAN, their ground staff and procedures leave a LOT to be desired!

I am saddened, and horribly embarrassed, by the shoddy show put up by our govt and our embassy personnel in Cairo. I am so ashamed at this time to be called a Malaysian. I am also deeply grateful to the people in EGYPT, the EGYPTIANS, who helped my brother and his family so much, and deeply thankful that they made it home safe on Wednesday morning after 2 days stuck in Cairo airport and Dubai airport. My prayers go to all those who went through so much fear and shock, with no help from our govt, in Cairo, and I just hope and pray that they will ALL get home safe, with or without govt help.

repost from: Niamah!!!

When do you feel most Malaysian?

Recently I filled in a survey and one of the questions asked:
When do you feel most Malaysian?

I answered: When someone ask me to go 'back' China.

Ask me if I'm Malaysian, I'll say yes. Ask me if I'm proud to be Malaysia, I'll say yes but with slightly lower volume.

No matter they say, the fact that I'm Malaysian will not be affected.

The fact is I don't give a fuck, if my loyalty toward the country and kings is being doubted or whether I'm patriotic enough by their standards.

To be or not to be racist?

Racism is always being played by politicians to gain popularities in Malaysia. The most commonly adopted way to measure popularity is by vote gained in election. The more popular you are (or the richer) the more votes u can get in an election, buy-election is not a secret.

But occasionally, some people raise racist issues for no particular reason. They just cannot stand seeing people nowadays are getting more educated and tired of all racist shits, like this person. He said Malaysia is Tanah MELAYU, so Chinese and Indian should accept Malay's sovereignty. Then paradoxically he said people from all races should identify themselves as Malaysian first race later. He said if the communities continue to identify themselves according to the country of origin then it is an admission that they are immigrants in the country.

My mother side's grandparents, my father's brother and sister were from China, I once asked them whether they want to 'go back' to China. Expectedly, they said 'No', their home is here, in Malaysia. New generation of Chinese and Indian understand we are Malaysians, we never see ourselves as China's Chinese or India's Indian. We don't feel particularly proud for the raises of China and India, but we concern about the fall of this country's democracy and corruption.

Tanah MELAYU was renamed as Malaysia for some reasons, (1) Borneo joined Tanah Melayu, (2) its people are all Malaysians, they may not be all Melayu.

He also said “When we say 1 Malaysia, people will think equality among all races. For the Malays, equality means abolishing vernacular schools. But for the Chinese and Indians, 1 Malaysia means to abolish the rights of the Malay people,” I totally agree on this, in my opinion, all races should be placed under a school that teaches Chinese and Tamil to all, and uses English as medium of instruction.

Non-Malay journalists barred from HIS talk.

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