experiences of a JUSCO promoter..

This is JUSCO Metro prima..
which located in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.
which is jus near by my house..

i decided to utilize my 1 month holiday by making money wit partime job in Jusco..

Jusco has hell lot of rules!

  1. ur hair must short.
  2. u cant dy ur hair.
  3. guys cant wear earings.
  4. ur nails must tidy n clean.
  5. u must wear a belt.
  6. u cant sit.
  7. u cant smoke.
  8. u cant say "dunnoe" to customer.
  9. u cant lay on wall.
  10. u cant drink in front of customers.
  11. u cant use ur phone.
  12. u cant bring along ur pets.
  13. u cant flirt wit customers even they are so attractive.
  14. u cant have a beer belly.
  15. ur mum has to be under 40 years old.
sorry.. i cant really recall another 184 rules............................
n if u offense those silly rules, u cant go inside to work.

-11.03am 6th of January-

after 6 days of working..
i got myself in to

i was denied to inter Jusco..
they said i break the rule no.1..
i dun think my hair is long enough to make me look like a gal..
but according to those called
Bluewave (those guards wit a blue feather on their beret)
, my hair over long..
they even took out a scissors wan to cut my hair..

Hey! NO WAY!

if u think i'm stupid to give up the free cut..
why dun u jus call me n try one??
n i also not planned to cut it.. sorry.. I LOVE MY HAIR!
so i decided to leave the building without turning back...

-12.03am 6th of January-
after an hour having conflict wit bluewaves..
i sms-ed my boss..


ya.. jus sms-ing.. my phone had no credit ord mah!

actually, i'm a responsible person..
i worry if i stop working, how the other sales going to handle the messy situation of Chinese New Year last minute shopping?
so i try to discuss wit boss to get a win win solution.

boss tried hard to cope wit the supervisor to let me in..
she asked him to tutup sebelah mata! wahaha!
but he was too coward to do so..
sorry, i mean he is too strict to do so..
maybe his mum is going to scold him afterward.. wahaha!

we failed to deal wit him..

but nvm..

boss successfully figure out a brilliant solution!
which i 100% love it..

she ask me to onli supervise the another Malay salesperson, to prevent LOW sales..
u understand wat she tring to say?
n i dun need to pass through those checkings n punch my card.

so, i agreed..
anyway, i onli need to use my eyes to watch n the best thing is i'm paid to do so n i can SIT!!

Ms.W said she feel proud to be 1st visitor of my new blog..
n she also said she will feel lagi PROUD if i say I LOVE U to her..

so, i guess this is jus a little effort to make her pround..



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