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Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head.

Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people.

This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first...






5~Kwee Hoon


1. How did u meet 1?


2. On a scale of 1 -10 how would u rate your friendship with 1?

8, cos i never meet her b4

3. how long have you known 4?

almost a year

4. How do you know number 3?

my secondary classmate lo...

5. Where's 5?

driving home now~

6. A fact about number 1?

she always cheer my day up

7. Who is 4 going out with?

currently is kelvin

8. What does 1 do for a living?

study n chit chat lo..

9. Would you live with number 3?

sure.. we always hang out de..

10. What do you like about number 2?

good listener, a hardworking girl

11. Do you miss number 5?

no wow.. later she will cook for me..

12. Would you make out with number 4 ?

wahahaha!! if hav chance, y not?

13. What’s your opinion of number 2?

stupid.. dun believe ur bf ord lah! he cheated u twice!

14. What's your favorite memory with number 5?

erm.. the day we can chat long

15. What would you do if number 1 and 2 were going out?

lesbian meh?

16. Ever had a long conversation with 5?

ya.. dunnoe when ord..

17. Have you ever slept at 2's house?

no wow.. our house jus near by..

18. Do you hang out with 3 a lot?

ya.. too much..

19. Who have you known the longest?

Kwee Hoon.. she born me anyway..

21. How often do you talk to 1?

she called me last nite.. we chat in msn everyday since the day i noe her..

22. What about 2?

we seldom meet since i went to UTAR n she took STPM in same old school..

23. Have you ever taught 3 more then a friend?

ya.. brother..

24. Would you go out for a date with 5?

ya.. y not? never hav time alone wit her..

25. Do you dream about 2?

ya.. she wracked me wit a candy bar.. wahaha..

26. What did no 4 did to you that you can never forget?

she kissed my face!

27. What have you done for 1 that the person never forget?

dunnoe wow.. later i ask her~

28. What's 3 hobby?

i guess flirt n dotA are his favourites..

29. Tag 5 people :

dun wan tag people lah.. jus leave it blank..

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