21 hours to go before I face the bloody MIS paper.

the good news is, i have only done reading 2 chapters T_T

so means still have 11 chapters to go.

and the chapter will get tougher and tougher.

but I wont regret to skip 70% of lectures and tutorials, becos the lecturer was talking cocks and bullshits all along.

I bet no one likes her from the start until the end of semester.

It has became nasty after the assignment assessment came out.

My group got 46/100, and made my overall coursework mark 25 or 26 over 40.

dun doubt my ability in doing assignment please.

the low mark is not caused by my incompetency but a psycho arrogant racist woman.

can u imagine 55/100 is the highest mark she gave?


she gave us 1 mark in many parts of presentation assessment! (highest is 5)

and i got most of my presentations highest in class!

so tell me, it's her problem or my incompetency gave me low mark?


just to release some tensions here, gonna stop complaining and continue my revision.
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