Sex Education

Watch the video from 0:00 to 4:00, this video is titled "Sex Education Talk at SJK(C) Tit Bin15-10-2010".

For those who doesn't understand Mandarin, he was basically asserting that premarital sex, adultery, gay sex are sinful, should be condemned and labelled as gou nan nv or jian fu yin fu

Gou nan nv, could be translated directly into dog man and woman, which is a very insulting term to be used in Mandarin. While jian fu yin fu, carries the meaning of adulterers which is a very negative term. 

Is it appropriate to assert such discriminative values to students? This is not sex education, and certainly is not a good way to nourish a good moral value.

Why people always love to uglify somethings they dislike in order to beautify the opposite? Why can't they just prove to others that what they like is the much better and beneficial choice to make?

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