How much time left for me?

found this gadget while updating the blog.

look on the right n u can find it's actually recording my days.

how many days i lived, how many days i left..

the setting, there is a part called Life Expectancy.....

asking us how long do u think u hav?

i set it as 75 years, as Malaysian male average life time.

later , i changed it to 70

i dunnoe whether i can live longer enough to hit the number of 70

the thought of "my life is shorter than other's " is there

i jus dunnoe y..

great! i hav 18,470 more days to go..

i'm goin to die soon n i'm still single! haha!

some say i always think the negative side of things,

n they tend to call it EMO

but, think again..

isn't it we will onli appreciate of wat we get

if we noe wat might turns out as the worst result u might get

and the probability for tis very bad thing happen?

I dun call tis negative..

I call it risk evaluation..

i would think bout the risk, n every consequence before any decision is made..

rule no.1 :
never do something
if u cannot affort to take the consequence

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