help urself but not hoping someone to help

i wonder

wat would u likely to do, if ur bicycle tyre is flat?

would u push ur bike along the road to a bicycle shop to fix it?

would u jus stand n hope a very decent passer-by to stop by

n fix it for u?

i wonder

wat would u do, if u r hungry

n ur mama is not there to cook for her adorable kid

would u walk into ur fucking kithen

n cook urself a bowl of life-saving instant mee?

or u jus tighten up ur bell n go back to ur room?

waiting ur mama to come back from work to cook u sth; to feed u?

i think for those who capable would likely to choose the prior option;

mentioned before the actions likely to be performed by disabled

u live ur life!

u dun wait for someone else to tell u wat u shud do n wat u shudnt do

u dun wait to be fed, u find food to eat when u feel hungry!

u dun wait for ur mama to shout at u to go bed! u sleep when u r tired!

ok, some might do so..

let make an assumption; u r type Disabled person

would u wait for a whore to put ur lil bro into her pussy to fuck her?


for christ's sake!

i beg u r so rushing to take off her fucking clothes n fuck her kaw kaw!

u can be so aggresive in fucking but not in live ur life?

utilize ur brain to think, as if ur brain can think!

think when u meet obstacle! n when u face problem!

instead of waiting, praying, even begging for help!

think a way, a method, probably so serious until u need a strategy?

it's ur life n u r supposed to be responsible for it

dun leave it to others' concern

u can shout, u can curse, u can even be as mad as u wan

but others jus wont give it a damn

let me make the point clear!

we dun care!

u noe wat?


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