Sushi King Bonanza

i bet everyone know about Sushi King Bonanza

it's a promotion where Sushi King only charges RM2 for any rice-based sushi

big news for all sushi lover right?

even you are not a big fan of sushi, it worth your time to queue up and wait also

since RM2 is really a cheap price which you will never get if there is no promotion

me and kahmun went Tesco, the most HAPPENING shopping mall in Kampar!

or should I said the ONLY shopping mall?

anyway, we reached there at 1845, aka 6.45pm

and the queue was already super long!

since we had come so far, impossible for us to give up right?

so we queue, queue like everyone else, implied rule right?

'Q up, if you wanna get in! No exception!'


after waited for almost an hour, we finally got our butts seated

the best thing was we got ourselves a good table!


Shime Saba


Deep Fried Scallops




Smoked Salmon


Nama Hotate


Ebi Fried



California Maki

Sake Roll

were soooooo REACHABLE!

we had enough sushi to make us feel guilty!

while other people were so hunger for it!

read what the bitchy Kahmun said to me!

"Ah Four, I feel very full leh.."

"Ya lo.. i feel quite full also, i think it's because of the rice"

"Why don't we don't eat the rice?"

"Cannot lah, don't waste food like that, you know many African never eat rice before? "

"Ah Four, i feel like puke leh! Too much of Salmon already"


"I'm so sick with sushi...."

look at her bitchy expression!

damn LANCI! Hokkien we say KIAM PA!

how many we ate? 25 plates of sushi!

when we walk out from Sushi King, people was looking at us with jealousy face

i felt guilty but definitely not the bitchy Kahmun!!

She was so mean to take picture of the queue waiting outside!!


we were too full, so kahmun suggested we take a short walk in Tesco

i found out that, she can camwhore with ANYTHING

Ya! do not doubt, trust me!

Don't believe?

Below are series of picture she playing with Tesco's things!

she said she looks like the girl in the flyer LOL

maggie mee ambassador?

magic lamp? or magic LAME?

Michael Jackson?

this made me speechless...

somehow, we found an oven can reflects as good as mirror!

i found similarity between the fish and Kahmun.

what you think?

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