How to Make a Fake Shutdown Virus

this post supposedly posted on 1 April

however, i was too lazy to type until this boring Sunday! LOL

this is what I did for April Fool's prank!

a Fake Shutdown Virus!

people got shocked and some were frustrated!

but don't worry, this is just nothing more than a joke! LOL

some of you might wonder, how to make a fake shutdown virus?

actually, it's simple, very simple indeed.

you don't have to be a Pro to make this

all you need are capable fingers, and some dumb friends to fool with! LOL

Ok, so let's start!

1.) Go to the desktop, or anywhere really, and Right click > New > Shortcut

2.) You should notice how an item is created on your desktop, and a window should also pop up. It should ask you to "Type the location of the item". In that box, type in shutdown -s -t XX -c "YY" (XX representing the amount of time you want to give before the shutdown is initiated, and YY representing the comment you want to leave.) Click Next when done.

3.) Change the name, make it tempting to make sure your friends click on it. Click Finish

4.) If you would like to give this new "virus" an icon, Right click > Properties

5.) click Change Icon... > OK > Desired Icon > OK > Apply

6.) This how the "Virus" looks like, put it in friends' desktop and give them surprise! LOL

7.) Hear they curse and shout! "Fuck! Virus again?!"

Enjoy my pals! :)
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