Half-dead from the earth of UTAR

well! 1 paper is down and few more to come!

not to mention papers are getting tougher and motivation is getting weaker!

30/4 UBMH1013 Organisation and Human Resource
04/5 UBEQ1023 Quantitative Technique 2
05/5 UBEA1013 Economics
08/5 UBML1013 Corporate and Business Law
11/5 UBEQ1013 Quantitative Technique 1
11/5 UBAF1023 Business Accounting 2

read the schedule and notice how UTAR kill its students with poor time management!

notice 2 papers on 11/5?

yeah.. 1 in morning and 1 in afternoon! FUCK!

I told myself, if i cant manage both papers on 11, i will concentrate on Accounting,because QT 1 doesnt affect my CGPA even i failed again, can repeat again.. T.T

FYI, utar is changing the system,

resit, ALL REPEAT for flunked papers!

damn saddening yet so damn motivating to study harder! Hopefully, I wont fail any paper this time T.T

Did I ever mention, that i need some boosters to keep my head clear when studying? Yeah.. I have this bad habit since don't know when. Anyway, it really keep u clear, better than coffee, trust me!

with booster, you are guaranteed clear and awake during exam period!


my messy stationery and half can of 100 Plus, refreshing mah! lolx

my note with colorful highlighting and words ^^

I Love Exam
quoted from Mr. Cheah

*original link removed due to copyright claim by Cheah*
link has replaced with close substitute


for any student who is coming to UTAR Kampar next semester!

Remember Ghani, Maha Maju and ABC
there are the few places your will hang out most of your pathetic time in Kampar

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