3 weeks of peace

Congratulation to Utarians who finally finished their 2 weeks of examination period, following by 3 weeks holiday, for you to be as crazy as you can.

I'm actually planning to go travel but still have no idea where to go, since my budget is so limited T.T

Talking about budget, my budget is getting smaller..

UTAR is coming out with a few anti-recession tools to overcome UTAR budget deficit. They put more efforts to squeeze students harder and no sign showing they are going to give up any drops came out from students.

First tool, charge parking fees.
RM350 per year for car, RM20 for motorcycle.
According to Mr. Sohai, it was suggested with the decent intention to encourage students to ride Basikal, to contribute alil to saving our earth..


Yeah! Utar management, you all can practice it and be role model for students, try to cycle under the hell burning hot sun with almost 35 degree Celsius weather!

Not only parking fees, they managed to charge money at anywhere, as many where as possible! Even outdoor basketball court you also must pay to play on it!

So, I'm moving to another room, another cheaper room.
Initially my rental is RM160 excluding Internet service, or water and electricity bill.
Considering cutting my living cost, rental has the most potential to decrease.
I get myself a smaller room, where the owner only charge RM100 for it.
I'm ok with the size, as long as not small like toilet or without window.

I need window in my room, room without window makes me feel stressed.

so now I'm packing my things now and going to move out from this current room!

never cleaned it for 2 weeks, cause of exam
so dirty and messy hihi..

wardrobe is cleared!

clean the toilet also for the next tenant.

slowly moving all books and pack them

Oh ya, tomorrow I'm going back KL
so, have to pack my luggage also!

Happy Holidays!

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