Secure Your Identity Card!

I, personally was surprised when I was told by a friend about this.

And I think every Malaysian should know it as it's harming us and will continue expand it's black magic further if we do not concern about it.

Today, I am going to reveal how Malaysian public sector can involve in corruption

What you are about to read is real and it was told by a member in lawless organization which i had chance to engage with.

Think about my question. Have you ever think that your identity is being used by someone else illegally? And how they can do that?

Above is an Malaysian Identity Card (IC) or MyKard, and it's belongs to a Malay as you can see. It was supposedly held by the owner, but it wasn't. It's was in hand of some lawless organizations.

How those organizations got this IC?

Corrupt someone in JPN and take it out of the department of a period of time

(who lost their IC will have to apply for replacement, and usually takes months to reach applicant. It gives lawless opportunity to smuggle it out from JPN and return it on time.)

During the period of time, these lawless criminals will utilize the IC to gain as much as benefits as possible.

For an example:

For those who are staying in KL, recall the aggressive promotion by U-Mobile (018) last year.

U-Mobile was letting public register for its postpaid service for free.

Criminals took the opportunity and established relationships with many unethical sales representatives. These sales representatives were responsible for register applications with those IC smuggled out of JPN illegally.

After squeezing every drop from the IC, lawless organizations return these IC back to JPN store, and JPN will give it back to public without noticing the absence.

These is just one of a thousand black magic can be spelled with the wand (money) in hand of lawless.

So you think you are safe? Think again.
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