Be a Man

New semester is started today, and things was going well

However, I realized there are some missing faces in class

According to other classmates, those missing classmates might have already terminated, as their results weren't qualify they to continue

Some of they are now appealing for a examination paper review

All the best to them..

I have be told that some of friends are quitting UTAR, and some of them were terminated

As time passed, members are getting lesser and lesser

Life in UTAR is getting lonelier and lonelier

Nevertheless, giving up now is an act of stupidity

Fight is not about how hard we can hit our enemies

But how hard of punches we can take and still, stand up and fight back

Life is the same thing

You can choose to give up like a coward,

Or you can choose to hit back, harder and stronger, like a man

I choose to be a man
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