Selfish Students with Selfish Attitude

If you understand student psychology, you will know that students normally crowd the first and the last lecture. The first class is crucial to decide whether students are going to the following classes. While the last class is even more important, because it is the day where the lecturer will give out tips and hints for the final examination paper.

I was having the last lecture for Pengajian Malaysia today morning, and next week it will be the final exam. Needless to say, the lecture was packed and crowded. Seats were not enough for all student to be seated. When I walked into the lecture hall, I found myself a seat, but a girl and her friend who were sitting beside told me the seat is taken. They have reserved 5 seats for their friends who were late to the class. Frankly speaking, I was not happy with it, but still, I moved myself to another seat since there were still plenty of available seats.

red circles are reserved seats, they put files on it to represent unavailability.

The game rule is like this, if you want to reserve for your friends, YES, you CAN, but please be considerate and observant! Your friends are 20 minutes late to the class, so you do not keep their reservation any longer, unless there are still available seats out there! But hell no, there ain't no seat already! People were entering the class late and were looking for seats and those selfish people were still keeping their seats for friends who ended up absent!

people sitting on steps

People were sitting on the steps and ironically, there were empty seats just beside them, reserved by few selfish people! I'm pretty sure they were pissed off like me.

felt like punching them!

I was giving out signals to this 2 girls and still, they were not willing to take away their files to let other people to sit, until the class ends! Selfish people with selfish friends, but I think they are not aware of their misbehavior and it is very embarrassing. If you love to reserve seats, do it in cinema, pay money and no one care.

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