Why should you curse more?

This post is written not to promote profanity abuse, but to provide factual information of benefits of cursing/swearing. Basically advantages of cursing or swearing can be categorized into 2 major categories; Career and Health.

If you want to improve morale around the office, start cursing.
According to a study by British researchers, regular swearing at work can help boost team spirit among staff members. It’ll help them express their feelings and it’ll help develop better social relationships.
The key is knowing when such language is appropriate and when to watch what you say.
For example, you probably shouldn’t let loose with profanity in front of senior executives or customers. But a few choice four-letter words can help foster solidarity among employees, especially when you’re expressing frustration or stress.
The study also found that swearing is becoming more common as traditional taboos are broken down and people are becoming more accepting of colorful language at work. So, curse if you feel like it. It could help your career a hell of a lot.

Quoted from The Benefits of Cursing by Donald J. Trump

Researchers also found cursing reduces physical pain; Saying Fuck! or any other commonly used expletive can work to increase pain tolerance. I'm not going to explain more on why and how the Curse-to-Reduce-Pain methodology works, if you are interested to read more, click here.

A question raised; Cursing seem to be a good thing, so can I cursing whatever and whenever I like? The answer is; Of cause, as long as you use appropriate words and time to curse, and your words do not offend anybody, why not?

I'm giving you a few choices of cursing word if you are not really good in profanity.
Cursing words are rated from 1 star to 5 stars, representing the ease of using and functionality, as well as provoking and offensive level.

1. Fuck! ★★
(you can also use it as How the fuck, Who the fuck, Where the fuck, When the fuck, and What the fuck in different cases. This cursing word is very commonly heard and used, as it is very functional and good in strengthen the meaning of you sentence. )

2. Shit!
(good for beginner, normally used separately with sentence, as a expression of feeling. Weak and not offensive. Can also be said as Bullshit!)

3. Motherfucker!
(very offensive and provoking cursing word, carries the meaning of 'you fuck your own mother', never use it unless you plan to start a fight)

1. So-Hai
(So in Cantonese carries the meaning of stupid, and Hai is meaning pussy. An offensive word, but also used by buddies and friends to express their 'friendship', it has a very complicated comprehension)

2. Ham-Ga-Chan
(carries the meaning of 'all your family die', very offensive cursing word, but can be heard often in Stephen Chow's older movies. Some also cursing it as Ham-Ga-Ling)

3. Diu-Lei-Lou-Mou
(means to fuck your mother, very provoking cursing, not recommended to use it, some say it as Diu-Nia-Sing)

1. Ji-bai ★★
 (females' intimate part, can use it like fuck!)

2. Lan-Jiao ★★
(males' intimate part, can use it like fuck! also, depends on which sound nicer and smoother)

3. Gan-Lin-Nia
(Fuck you mother, can be also said as Gan-Lin-Lao-Bu or Gan-Lin-Bu)

I'm not here to promote profanity abuse, but to provide information about different meaning of cursing words.
So, when you feel like cursing, you can choose a better word to curse without the fear to offend anyone.
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