The Second Day of Tiger Year

In Chinese tradition, the second day is the day we gather together with friends and family to pray. Married women will also go back to their mother's side family for reunion accompanied by husband and children. This is the temple I have been going for 21 Chinese new years, it's called the Lin Tian Temple of The Three Kings 三山国王霖田古庙.

The entrance of Lin Tian Temple

People were gathering and waiting for prayer ceremony.

Lin Tian Temple of The Three Kings

the interior of the temple

The Three Kings represent the three guardians of three mountains

old photographs depict the history and efforts of our ancestor.

People burn incenses and light up candles for The Three Kings

Believers kneed down to The Three Kings during prayer

fresh flowers and fruits will be served to all the guardians

Actually Chinese believe polytheism. However, many of them think they are Buddhists. After the prayer we will watch lion dance 舞狮 outside the temple. It is actually part of the praying ceremony, indicate the monster is finally been chased out of the village. For those who don't really understand Chinese culture, let me explain to you. The lion in lion dance is actually not a lion, it's supposed to be called Nian or in Chinese (which means Year) According the legend, Nian will attack village during the first day of first month of the year (Chinese lunar calendar) villagers have finally realized Nian is afraid of red colour and the noise of firecracker and drum. When Nian comes back again, villagers chase Nian out by wearing red, burning firecrackers and playing drum. The tradition remains despite Nian never come back again.

Kids favourite: lion dance 

cai qing 采青


Last but not least, temple provided believers with free lunch. People worked together to setup their own table and arrange chair by themselves. However, it's not really a proper meal, because they provide only meats: chicken, duck, mutton, and pork. The best thing is, they provided also beers, a lot of beers! Tiger beer, Carlsberg and also Heineken.  

the 2 Indian kids come to get angpau 

lion and horse

Please take note of the lion and horse, when I was small, I used to ride on them and got scolded by parents, haha. Here i wish all my friends and readers a happy Chinese new year and a healthy and prosperous year of Tiger.

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