The Year of Tiger

It's another new year. Time flies and in a blink of eye it's another year already. I'm turning into 21 this year which mean an adult in legal term. However, I still don't have the feeling of being an adult. I still need more time to learn more things about life. I still need to brush up my language, I still have to gain more knowledge and skills. I have so much of weaknesses to be improved and yet so little time for me to do it.

Well, I guess no one is flawless. It's ok to be imperfect as long as you try your best to improve. Instead of believing the external locus of control, why not taking charge of your own life? Accept the fact that we are flaw. Nevertheless, I wish all my readers happy Chinese New Year and all the best in life. There is no luck, it's all choices and efforts

strike like tiger

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