Malaysia's Top Politicians' Monthly Salaries

1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower page shared an interesting piece of info quoted from The Sun revealing monthly salaries of Malaysia's politicians.

1. prime minister - RM22,826.65,
2. deputy prime minister - RM18,168.15
3. cabinet ministers are paid RM14,907.20.
4. political secretary effective Jan 1, 2004 is RM5,709.99.

People responded differently towards the information. Many think it's a fair price while a lot have doubts that how do these people afford multi-billionaires' luxurious lives with that kind of pays. Some comments caught my eye and I think they deserve some forms of recognition and replies.


reply: The matter of fact, Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Long is the second highest paid politician in the world with basic salary of 2,183,516 USD per annum. Najib would definitely go there if Singaporeans would accept him as their Prime Minister. I think they would pay him RM20k just for not becoming their PM. The matter of fact, Najib still get 89,137.59 USD per year which is a lot higher than India's Manmohan Singh and China's Hu Jintao. (source)

"you guys pandai ckp je.. you don't have parents from the above sectors, senang la talk.. being the public figures that they are, they're risking their lives, time and families for the country.. like singapore? go live there :)"

reply: If I have parents from the upper class, I wouldn't want to change because the status quo is enabling my family to lead Donald Trump's lifestyle. Risk their lives, time and families for the country? I leave it to your own judgement.

"the point is, stop talking shit about his salary + side income + royalties when nobody knows what shit he's going through.."

reply: Nobody knows what shit he has to go through? Guilt and sleepless nights for not able to find the murderers for both Altantuya and Teoh Beng Hock?

"yes, and that commission and bonuses are what u also get at ur company rite? the same practice here"

reply: In a company, you'll only get commissions and bonuses when you did well, created values and earned profits for your company. 

"thinking about it... i think its kinda true...
have any of u seen Dr. Mahathir's house ? its just a normal 2 storey house.. it aint that big anyways.."

reply: Do you read news

Nevertheless, I'm not saying RM22k is not a fair price. I personally think it's fair even if Prime Minister is paid RM2.2 million a year, provided he is doing his jobs right and free of corruption.
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