Read Before Comment

I noticed some people like to comment on things that they are not certain or don't understand. They are not illiterate, in my humble opinion, they just don't bother to read.

For example, Namewee (黄明志) updated his facebook's fan page and he said:
FB closed / blocked my official "NASI LEMAK 2.0" the movie page! Sigh ... it happened to me before in 2009 when my own page was closed for almost 5 months ...

Because he is popular, people started to like and comment on the status update. Below are some of the funny comments I extracted. They are written in Chinese so I translated them.

(It's not real! Facebook shutting down is a hoax!)

消息传出facebook创办人将在3月15号永久关闭facebook server。我看你应该不用抱着期望他跟你开回了。
(Rumours say the founder of facebook will shut down facebook's server at 15th March. I don't think he will reopen it.)

LOL,namewee bro...about the facebook close is u still can continue to do ur next thing =D 我很期待 (I'm looking forward to) ur new movie =D

(Fuck those people who believe the facebook-is-shutting-down hoax, no brainers!)

If you are not an active facebook user, then you probably don't know that there is a hoax spreading like wild fire claiming that Mark Zuckerberg is going to shut down his $50billion business at 15 March 2011. Thanks to facebook addicts who do not read and do not know how to differentiate news and hoax.

Anyway, it's not the point I want to discuss. Read again, what did Namewee write and how people commented. They don't match at all. Namewee was saying his new page has been blocked and these idiots misinterpreted his statement as facebook is shutting down. Read before you comment ok? Verify rumors before spreading it ok? Do not make yourself look like idiot. Use common sense.
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