Effective ways to eliminate bad luck!

how to remove bad luck?

1. Stop thinking over positively

whenever ur thinking become over positive, u tend to feel lucky in everything.

Somehow, this thinking will create overconfidence, n make u feel bad luck when something is not happening according to ur wish.

For example:

U always let ur door opened n unlocked, becos u think ur neighborhood is secured n safe. No thief n criminal might happen. Until a day, ur house is being broken-in.

U curse the thief, u curse the god!

Y am I so fucking unlucky? There r hundreds of houses in the area!

Y I’m so fucking bad luck for chosen by the fucking thief?!

However, u r the 1 who shud be blamed! Y dun lock the door!

Then u will answer: I thought my area is secured n safe!

Bingo.. u think..

Like wat Titanic captain did.. he thought the ship is strong, unbreakable..

C how the ship crashed and sank?

2. Evaluate n eliminate risks!!

Think be4 u perform any action! YEA! ANY action!

Every action n decision u made, lead to an outcome!

In Buddhism, this is called KARMA

Chinese saying says:

What you did is what you get 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆

I call it RESULT for ur decisions n actions

For example:

US current economy! Needless to explain..

If u dun understand wat is goin on in US, n u dunnoe how it happen..

Advice for u, study harder…

3. Believe in Karma!

Believe in Karma! Wat u did in the end come back to u!

When u kill an innocent person, u r actually giving up ur life as well.

When u rob, ur family will be robbed as well

Ur children will be joke in school

Ur wife is a whore!

When u rape, ur family women r goin to be raped also!

Ur wife will be raped

Ur daughter will be raped

Luckily ur mum is too old n too unattractive to be raped!

Think! Wat u dun wan to be happened on u, dun make it happened on others!

4. Positive Thinking

I noe it sounds paradox, but in fact, think positively n over positively r totally 2 different stories!!!

Think positively once bad things have happened; it makes u feel lucky, instead of bad luck!

Apply What If theory! Wat is a What If theory? I shall explain wit the case below.

For example:

Ur shoes r stolen, by some moron thieves somewhere around ur place..

U r pissed!

But thinking back.. Luckily those morons only stole ur shoes!

What If theory applied!

What if? Those morons did not steal ur shoes?

Instead, they steal ur motorbike?

Grateful?? Ya..

U shud feel lucky becos ur motor still there..
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