World Cup 2010 South Africa - Malaysia RTM TV1 & TV2 Telecast Schedule (White Hot Stage)

Quarter-Final Brazil vs Netherlands ('delayed', July 2, midnight, TV1)

Quarter-Final Uruguay vs Ghana ('live', July 3, 2am, TV1)

Quarter-Final Argentina vs Germany ('live', July 3, 9.30pm, TV2)

Quarter-Final Paraguay vs Spain ('delayed', July 4, 4.30am, TV1)

Semi-Final Netherlands vs Uruguay ('live', July 7, 2am, TV1)

Semi-Final Germany vs Spain ('live', July 8, 2am, TV1)

3rd Placing Uruguay vs Germany ('live', July 11, 2am, TV1)

Final Netherlands vs Spain 
('live', July 12, 1.30am, TV1)
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