Freak in My Neighbourhood

Back in secondary school, me and my friends used to visit a 7-Eleven store to buy cigarette (it was a bit of mischief I know). There was a weird guy working as cashier and he was quite special.

He was very emotional. Probably because people had difficulty to understand him. He couldn't speak properly, he couldn't operate the cashier machine smoothly, and sometimes he couldn't understand what customers try to tell him too.

But these did not really bother us.

What really makes him a freak is his motorbike. Don't get my wrong, having or riding on a motorbike is perfectly normal (I'm a motorcyclist myself), but having or riding on a motorbike like this is really................. not quite usual.

That was him in the picture, riding on his motorbike or more appropriate to be called "bicytor", or call it a "motycle" if you want. Me and my friend used to make joke of his bike and called it a "YAMA-HAI". I'm terribly sorry if you couldn't get the joke.

Anyway, I reckon he must be a petrol-head and an environmentalist at the same time. The great dilemma of identities must have cultivated his creativity to build his Eco-Friendly-Zero-Emission-Man-Powered-bicytor.

He has proven that a green vehicle doesn't make you look stupid. The matter of fact, bicytor builds character!

Just look at him, what a dude....

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