YTL Communications Gives Students Free 4G Internet Connections! Bravo!

YTL communications is going to sponsor students with 300MB of High Speed Internet per month for 3 freaking years FOR FREE! BRAVO to YTL!

Anyway, the benefit comes with a program called Education Partner Program (EPP). Through the program, YTL will provide 4G Internet services to students in all public universities! That would enable students to surf Internet at speed of Superman from anywhere within the campus (My hostel just 500 meters away from campus, so I assume I can use it from house also!)

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman or better known as UTAR is the 1st private university joins EPP. UTAR students, this is the best thing ever happened to us! *THUMBS UP* However, there is no detail regarding when will be the services released, so just stay tuned. For more information, visit YTL communications.

Now this is what we call a Corporate Social Responsibility!
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