WikiLeaks Triggered Mid East's Revolution?

Most of you might have already heard of the success of Egyptian's revolution cracking down the Mubarak's 30-years dictatorship, but did you know what triggered the massive public outcry?

The spark of reformation fire was first lit up in Tunisia, after WikiLeaks, a international whistler-blower site, disclosed information about the exploitation of Tunisian people by the controlling regime. Tunisia's revolution successfully defeated the regime of its former dictator,  Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The success story then spread like wild fire and inspired Egyptian to go up to street, to demand for democracy (Egypt's revolution).

Now the idea and desire for reformation has influenced Libya's people to act as well. The international crude oil price has gone up dramatically since demonstration erupted, the hike is anticipated to continue as Libya is one of the largest oil production countries and most of its supplies go to Europe. Libyan protestants have been oppressed with violence and the nation is currently on chaos. The fate of Libyan is very uncertain. May God bless Libyan.

Protests and demonstrations are going on in other mid-east countries as well but at a smaller scale, the question is, will the trend continue? If yes, what is the magnitude of the revolution? Nevertheless, this serves as a warning to all governments.

WikiLeaks has been viewed as the 'public enemy' by many governments, especially the powerful ones, for making them losing controls over their people. But we need WikiLeaks because it provides truths, we need truths and truths are not prevalent, it takes sacrifices and courages to disclose truths, and support from people to protect the right to know truths.

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