Thank You, Mr. Police.

Last week my place had been broken in. I have lost my laptop, valuables, and a lot of important information and data.

So my housemates reported to police immediately after he returned home from campus and found out the burglary.

Officers on duty were very helpful and easy to talk to. They took about 1 hour to record a statement about 5-lines long.

Afterward, they went to our place to investigate further. They told us how the burglar broke in and how dangerous is the area we stayed at. According to them, the particular area is burglary hot-spot, many cases have been reported.

I would like to say thank you to all these police officers for being so informative after my house had been broken in. I would appreciate that even more if it's before the burglary and I would thank they a million times if they are willing to patrol more frequently.

Anyway, I wouldn't be able to update so often until I get myself a new laptop.
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