To be or not to be racist?

Racism is always being played by politicians to gain popularities in Malaysia. The most commonly adopted way to measure popularity is by vote gained in election. The more popular you are (or the richer) the more votes u can get in an election, buy-election is not a secret.

But occasionally, some people raise racist issues for no particular reason. They just cannot stand seeing people nowadays are getting more educated and tired of all racist shits, like this person. He said Malaysia is Tanah MELAYU, so Chinese and Indian should accept Malay's sovereignty. Then paradoxically he said people from all races should identify themselves as Malaysian first race later. He said if the communities continue to identify themselves according to the country of origin then it is an admission that they are immigrants in the country.

My mother side's grandparents, my father's brother and sister were from China, I once asked them whether they want to 'go back' to China. Expectedly, they said 'No', their home is here, in Malaysia. New generation of Chinese and Indian understand we are Malaysians, we never see ourselves as China's Chinese or India's Indian. We don't feel particularly proud for the raises of China and India, but we concern about the fall of this country's democracy and corruption.

Tanah MELAYU was renamed as Malaysia for some reasons, (1) Borneo joined Tanah Melayu, (2) its people are all Malaysians, they may not be all Melayu.

He also said “When we say 1 Malaysia, people will think equality among all races. For the Malays, equality means abolishing vernacular schools. But for the Chinese and Indians, 1 Malaysia means to abolish the rights of the Malay people,” I totally agree on this, in my opinion, all races should be placed under a school that teaches Chinese and Tamil to all, and uses English as medium of instruction.

Non-Malay journalists barred from HIS talk.

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