6th of March

6th of March is a memorable day

becos today is the most hardworking day of us

compared to any other day in tis study sem


it is a memorable day for me..

usually would finish my assignment at 2pm

and bind it at 3pm

finally submit it at 4pm (deadline)

but this time..

it's a lil different..

i'm actually relaxing now and blogging to inform u all


1st time dun hav to rush;

to print out;

to check for the very last time;

to bind;

to ask ppl where n who shud i submit to;

to curse the motherfucker who keep on helping his frens to print;
as if no1 else is queuing behind him!!

to swear i will finish my assignment before deadline NEXT TIME!!

feel so relaxing after everything is finished..........

even dotA is not a waste of time! lol

we hav Contract Act 1950, we hav cetak rompak Frank Wood.. lol!!

wires everywhere,despite we hav wireless....

wire again.. P/S: TV has been abandoned for quite a time

ur laptop is ur life, without it u hav no life!

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