i ♥ u


stands for 21st of March

it was the 1st time we met each other

as well as our 1st date

before the date

i really fell scared, worried


happy n excited!

never felt like tis before

the 1st impression i hav

when she shows up is


she is chubby n cute! lol

i dunnoe wat kinna first impression she has bout me


i think it doesnt really matter

i late for the date

but she didnt blame

cos i was taking my mum to clinic

i went OU to buy her chocolates it's expensive!

which costs me 30 mins

i also stucked in the traffic jam

n made the journey 1 hour

u noe wat..

the best part is i lost my way!

n it took me another 15mins to get an U-turn

to back on the right way


i made it to Sunway

however, finding carpark costs another 20mins

luckily the sweetheart is smart enough to get us movie tickets for 3.20pm

if not

we r goin to miss the show n screwup the day

the show is sucks..

but somehow

we didnt really pay attention to the show lol
yea.. we kissed in the cinema

after the show n some walks

we went Haagen Daaz n shared a banana split


she is manja-er than expectation

but i like it LOL

really manja n made me sayang her even more

in the end, we went to The Curve for dinner

wanted to bring her to Full House in Ara Damansara

but the place..

haiz.. really made me spceehless

dinner was great

foods wit alot of cheeses n she loves cheeses!

had a short walk n snap shots before sending her home

we talked alot n smiled n laughed alot

i love to be wit her

the date is too much to be written out in 1 post

so, i jus summarize it into a shorter version

but the essense of the post is

we r in love

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