Today is the first day of the new year ; a brand new chapter in life.

2009 year wasn't a very good year to everyone I guess, all the H1N1 and ecomomic crisis have hit us so hard. Nevertheless, we have given all we got to weather the storm. Hopefully the world economic will be rise again.

I personally did not achieve much in 2009, or should I say that I did not really have a plan for 2009. So this year, I'm going to do something different, at least for me it is something different from the past. I'm going to set a series of goals that I'm going to achieve in 2010.

  1. swim like a pro
  2. get in shape
  3. pull up my CGPA pointer
  4. read more books
These are the 4 main items on my list and also the things that I'm going to achieve. Accomplishment is confirmed and I'm feeling extremely confident to declare this.
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