Unprofessional Doctor

I suffered of serious ulceration and it caused sore throat and swollen tongue. I felt only pain when I eat and bitter when I drink. In fact, this is the worst ulceration I ever get.

So I decided to go for medical consultation at government clinic. Thanks to my friend who is kind enough to send me. We reached the clinic about 10am this morning and registration took about 20 minutes. It's understandable if public service is slower than private one, so we waited patiently.

While waiting for my turn to see doctor, I noticed an extraordinary phenomenon. Let picture explains the story.

Pak Lah still the Prime Minister

I wonder if the clinic staffs are too loyal to Pak Lah or they are so outdated that they don't even notice that the outside world has already changed the prime minister?

When I went into the room, the doctor asked what's wrong with me. I cannot speak, so my friend spoke to him on behalf of me. He told the doctor I have serious sorethroat, and I feel pain even if i speak. Then the doctor checked my mouth, and my temperature. He even checked my pulse with a very traditional-chinese-medicical-hall-way by using only fingers to feel my pulse instead of stethoscope.

Then he kept quiet and started to write, putting his head on his arms like a bored school boy forced to do his homework.

Then he gave me the medical perscription and asked me to claim my medicine. Surprisingly, he gave me cough syrup! What the fuck? My friend and I had a shock because I didn't cough, I have serious ulceration, and isn't it he supposed to give me something that can serve as pain-relief, and something that kill bacteria? Then the pharmacist asked me to go consult the doctor once more, and so I did.

We went into the room again and he just changed the perscription straightly after we told him that I have ulcer. What the fuck? Where is his professionalism? Does he even give a fuck about his patients?

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