Please Don't Be AN Irresponsible Driver

My friends and I decided to have Bak-Kut-Teh as dinner last night. While we were eating, we suddenly heard a big bang. Then we went out and checked out what is going on.

A female motorcyclist was lying on the road, and a man immediately dragged her to the road side. What really pissing me off is that the driver who hit the motorcyclist escaped from the scene immediately. No one noticed that until the man who helped the girl shouted:

" Pergi kejar! Cina tu dah lari! Pergi kejar lah Pukimak!!" 

Then another motorcyclist immediately got on his motorbike and went after the hit-and-run driver. After awhile, the motorcyclist came back successfully identified the car plat number.

Luckily the girl is not seriously injured, she was still conscious and her hands were bleeding. She was still concerning about her motorbike, I guess she isn't one of the rich Datuks' daughter. How pitiful is that, she can't afford to lose her motorbike, it might be the only transportation she has to go work and travel. The driver is a throughout bastard! How can you hit and run without even care about the life and death of the victim who you hit with your car? Irresponsible and selfish fucker! I hope you will get into jail in no time.

Once again I would like to beg for all drivers to have mercy, please don't be such a motherfucker who risks motorcyclists' life with your reckless driving. Not all the motorcyclists are Road Gangsters or snatch thefts, they are someone's father or mother, brother or sister, son or daughter. If you ignore others' safety on the road, all these shits will eventually come back to you, or people you treasure the most.

What goes around, comes around.   

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