The Best Documentary Ever: Insect Movie

I watched a documentary named MicroCosmos last night. It basically shows the world of small insects, free from human and pollution.

And it's a very good documentary! I guarantee you many weird and unknown insects you will see, as well as their funny behaviours and lifestyle.

a ladybird drinking water

mating snails

Watching these insects reminds me of human. Insects and human are pretty much the same. We both work hard to build shelter, find food, fight off enemy, protect family, communicate, mate and even face natural disasters. But if we are so much similar with each other, then why we human think we are superior, the most special, and greatest creature in the universe?

What is their purpose of life? And what if our purpose of life? Is it possible there is another greater creature than us, and when they see us, it's exactly like how we see insects?

if you are interested, you may watch it on PPStream, copy these 小宇宙 (微观世界) and search it.
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